Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shop News

The girls & I have made lotsa Bug Catcher Necklaces. We're hoping they'll be a big hit for kidlets this Christmas & for making awesome stocking stuffers! I've been too slow at gettin' them listed in the shop. But I'll eventually get to it. If you see one in this picture you want, let me know & I'll check if it's still available: I'm also beginning to set aside some of my finished projects for the upcoming Holiday Bazaar. (And remember, when you buy a necklace made by Pazely or Zoey, you're supporting they're tiny pocketbooks. And that makes them very happy. And keeps them motivated.)

Did you know that WhiMSy love now has gift certificates?? Yeppers. I can create 'em to any denomination you desire.

Also in the works: Vintage Button Ring Coupons! Want to give a friend a nifty Vintage Button Ring but aren't sure what color or style they'd love? Purchase a Vintage Button Ring Coupon & your problems are solved! A pre-paid Coupon will let THEM decide!

Next weekend (you're the first to know!) I'll be promoting the Vintage Bottle Cap Badges. I just ordered a hefty load of grape bottle caps--my best sellers--& I'll be craftin' up a nifty sale just for these badges. So, stay tuned!


  1. Awesomeness! I hope you gals sell out on everything! Love the ring coupon idea.

    Hey, other comment leavers ;-) - I gave my 4 year old a bug catcher necklace (or...gumball necklace as it has become) and a badge for his birthday and he LOVES them both. Definitely my favorite gifts we gave him.

  2. I really like the rainbow necklace (about midway through the picture) and the yellow and purple one just a few up from the bottom, are either of those still available?

  3. Me!!! I want one! There are two in the colors Feli likes qhich are pink and yellow, the one in the bottom and then there's another ine with orange too. Let the girls choose bet the two if they are available.
    I'll send you an e mail so you tell me how to pay from Argentina

  4. Eli-- I will create a listing in the shop for you. Email me at whimsy-girl [at] hotmail [dot] com
    if you have any questions.

  5. Your blog is soooo cute!:)


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