Monday, October 19, 2009

Week in Review

Yay!--I'm back after a weekend away. But it was a relaxing & peaceful & lovely weekend with Mr. WhiMSy love. We went on a reatreat to a beautiful place, were surrounded by lovely people, ate scrumptious yummy foods & learned a lot about how to keep a healthy marriage. Goodness all around I tell ya!

Even though this was such a mucky, grey, damp & dark week in terms of the weather, I got a lot of "happy" accomplished: fishing with my brother, pumpkin patch field trip with Pazely & her Kindergarten class, weekend getaway with the hubby &....not so happy: a visit with Mr. Dentist. (I did get a self portrait with the tooth pro though!)
Lots & lots of jumping went on this week too. I could have had a whole mosaic of jumping, simply from the last seven days: in a boat, on a bed, on a bench, on a log, on a dock, with my mom, off a train...(this sounds like that Dr. Seuss book).

Oh, speaking of "jumping": The center square of my mosaic this week is rather sacred & miraculous. Mr. WhiMSy love jumped with me. For the first time. (Moment of silence please.....) He mentioned something about, "This is it. Please don't ask me again." Whatever. I'm still gonna ask.

I've decided I really need to get busy with my handmade goodies for the *hopefully* upcoming holiday rush. So, I'll be crafting up storm after storm for the next several weeks. I've got some fun tutorials in mind & a really cool project in the works for my shop specifically for the holidays this year. But, of course, all that has to be put on hold until I get some custom orders finished up, stockpile a bit more on the pretty much un-stocked Holiday Bazaar pile & do the whole mommy & wifey thing.

Here's to a productive week!
(And a giveaway tomorrow! Stay tuned!)

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. More Mr. Whimsy love jumping please xx

  2. You and Scott have such an adorable fam. Keith says to tell him hi!


  3. and i just love the way he's flexing his whimsy bicep too - so cute!!!

    and couples retreat? way cool, way cool.


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