Monday, October 26, 2009

Week in Review

It was a wonderful, silly, & random week. Tutorials were on the menu this week. As was a last trip of the season to the Farmer's Market: in the drizzly rain with my mom. And some thrifting. Yahoo! (Thrifting & Markets & Tutes..oh my!)

Unexpected prezzies arrived in the mail for my girls from a sweet blogger. Tiny handmade kitties? What gets better than that?! {Thank you Leah!}

I spent the first part of this week trying to recover from last weekend's retreat. I was so stinkin' tired. Nothin' beats a Sunday afternoon nap. I don't know why. A nap any other day of the week is just not as lovely as one on a Sunday. Ya know? Has there been some scientific analysis or research data collected to support this strange phenomenon? There should be.

A not-so-fun happening this week was my 2nd visit to the dentist in a week & a half's time: for a DEEP clean. Ouchie mama. But nitrous was my friend & I'm pretty sure I can do anything with that strapped to my face. Suprisingly, after not being to the dentist in about 9 years, I had only 2 little cavities--& they were found under some fillings I already had. So, a crown is next on the list of dentist-y things to do. Ugh. And this "crown" has nothing to do with royalty or princesses or NOTHIN'!

The fam did some pumpkin carving too. I'm afraid our sweet-faced pumpkins will be mush by the time Halloween rolls around. But the hubby was so giddy to carve 'em up that I just went along with his jack-o-lantern antics. Silly me to follow that Mr. WhiMSy love down a happy pumpkin craftin' path!

Well, here's to a great week!
Happy Monday!!

*Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. A fun and random week indeed! Love the glasses. :)

  2. 9 years since you went to the dentist nik? naughty nik and yes, you were lucky! sounds like such a fun week.


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