Friday, November 27, 2009

i ♥ not packing.

This picture pretty much perfectly describes my day. The sepia tone really makes it special I think. The girls sat in front of the computer most of the morning & watched/listened to books while me & the Mr. put in a long day of pack-a-rackin'. (Tomorrow we finish!) Tia stole me away in the early evening for some coffee & shopping & I couldn't have been happier!

And I'm happy to say that the Saran Wrap has almost completed its mission. I hate that stuff. And I hate Mr. WhiMSy love talking about it. I threatened to wrap him in it while he slept. He'll wake up a plastic sheeted burrito, just you wait & see.

The highlight of my day? (Besides not having to help with the saran wrapping anymore?) I got an iPhone!!! A sweet prezzie from an even sweeter person. I feel so lucky! And it means I'll be able to blog/facebook/twitter while I'm on the road! Yahoo!
The first app I loaded was for facebook. {I'm cuckoo for facebook now!} The second one was for a rotary phone app. I LOVE it! It really works like one of those old rotary phones too. I got it from
In this photo I'm playing with my new toy while Tia, in the black coat, waits for our pizza dinner.
I'm thankful for friends who are superheroes & rescue me from all the madness.


  1. Oh no you have jumped onto the Iphone train! I worry I will jump on it one day. The boyfriend has and he loves it. I think its to much phone for what I need. But that's cool you can blog and tweet and FB with it.

  2. I am SO passing the rotary phone thing on to my husband person. He'll love that.

  3. Congrats on getting the packing finished today! I can hardly wait to read about all the unpacking. Hopefully, all your items/boxes arrive safe and sound to your new home. I recently got an iPhone~~the last one in the family to get one. I'm still learning the simple stuff on it. I am going to investigate the rotaty phone app~~that sounds like fun!
    Rest some, if you can! Best of luck with the move...

  4. We were thinking about AT&T last year when our contract with Sprint was up but We went with Verizon last year, so I got the Storm but I am envious of all of those fabulous apps the iPhone has.

    Good friends are such a treasure!

    Glad you'll be connected on the road- we can all share in this exciting journey!

    Good luck.

  5. So cool you got an iPhone! You're gonna LOVE it!

    I want to recommend an AWESOME cover/protector...OtterBox Defender. You'll love it and how well it protects your phone.

    I don't work for them...I'm just sayin'!!!



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