Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm One of the Cool Kids Now.

Guess who joined Facebook? Yep, I gave in. I was gonna keep it on the down low, but I'm
having so much fun with it!
In this photo Tia & I are hanging out on our last Tia/Nikki date at a coffee shop. She's showing this newbie the ins-n-outs of Facebook. Oh, & quirky little sidenote: Sarah Palin will be signing books at that coffee shop/bookstore this Sunday! I think that's pretty neato.


  1. Hooray for you... I have several friends who I think would love FB! Another thing is... do you Skype? That will be great for you to keep in touch with Tia and the rest of your buddies when you move.

    Do you want to be my FB friend? Circle one- yes no

  2. Yes, you already pop up on my FB page.

  3. And when I saw your pix in my "Do you know them?" area I said Yeah!
    Enjoy it! It's a great tool!
    I'm looking forward to be a member of the WhiMSyLove Fan page!
    Enjoy Nikki!

  4. ah ! if you're on face book i want to be your friend too !!who else would understand the random pieces of film i post !!xx

  5. As a warning: stay away from any farming games, bejeweled or any of the MindJolt games. They will suck your life away. I literally played bejeweled for 3 hours straight and it felt like 10 minutes. Awful. BUT, my farm on FarmTown is fabulous! I just put in some new crops. In fact...I think I have to harvest them soon. Uh-oh..

  6. I love Facebook for so many different reasons. :) The social aspect is my favorite.

  7. I'm iffy on the FB train. I check it every now and again. Oh and when you make a fan page I am so there! :-)


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