Saturday, November 21, 2009

{packing shmacking}

I packed my art studio all day today. 15 boxes later, it's still not done. But, I did make a discovery. A GROSS one.

Let me back up....

Yesterday in my bedroom I came upon the BIGGEST spider ever. I could hear its legs as it moved across the surface of boxes & books on the floor. EW! I screamed so loud. And my scream---which is a phenomenon in itself---was broadcast far across our house, our street, our neighborhood, maybe even the universe. Of course I killed the spider. One big WHACK with my shoe did the job. If I had let it live I don't know if I would be able to sleep at night. Oh, & it was so big that it couldn't even move very fast. Double EW!  I don't know where it was going or where it came from, but it gave me the biggest weebie jeebie's EVER!

SO... today as I'm cleaning my art studio I come across the BIGGEST spider hideout ever. It's got this large webby ball thing & webs all over. And, you know how you usually find little dead bugs hanging out in corners with the webs? Well, there are BIG dead bugs hanging out in this spider's corner. Oh, & the funniest thing is that one of my paper circle punches is attached to the web & hanging up like some decor.
I don't even want to get too close to this whole scenario happnening in the corner. Someone is gonna have to clean up that mess. And it's NOT gonna be me. All I know is that I HOPE I already killed whoever was living there, yesterday in my bedroom.

Luckily we've been able to rescue & recycle boxes for packing from dumpsters behind some nearby medical buildings. But those (& other) resources are pretty much nil so we had to splurge today & buy some. I hate having to buy boxes. It makes me cringe to have to purchase a bunch of stupid cardboard. I don't know why, it just does.
I'm hoping all this packing here-n-there will help so that I won't have to stress about packing things up to the last minute in a whirlwind of panic & tears. I'm honestly hoping to be done packing by Thanksgiving so it'll be "a breeze" until we move 5 days later. That is my goal: to have an easy, stress-less moving experience.

But, enough of the packing today. I'm certain you'll get sick of me talking about it. Just so you know, this is like therapy for me. At the end of the day, I enjoy sitting down & just blabbing it all out, even if it doesn't make sense, even if the thoughts don't all go together.

 I'm going to throw my flaxseed & lavender heat-pack in the microwave & give my lower back some relief. I'll watch a movie, sip some hot tea & cozy on the couch as a reward for a hard day's work.


  1. Oh I wish you'd have called me! I would've loved to see that disgusting thing!

    Okay, I'm assuming you're getting your boxes at the 945 building; it's the best around if you don't mind your things going in boxes marked "vaginal speculas" and the like!

    Do you need more boxes or have you bought enough? I will put out the word for more if you need:).

  2. I've never done this myself, but I have heard that a good place to get boxes is at liquer stores. They have to be strong to hold the bottles. I would think with the holiday season upon us the stores might be stocking up.

    Sorry about the spider.

  3. Tiff-
    Yes, that's exactly where we've been getting 'em. And I was pre-warned about the interesting lives the boxes may have formerly had.

    Darn, I forgot: you house pet black widows. I'll get you next time around.

  4. hi girlie,
    Oh, I have to say, I got a little itchy and grossed out wiggels reading the spider part of this post- eeeeeks, way to go for being brave!
    I wish we lived closer, I am in a huge apartment building, and I would hook you up with all the cardboard your cute little self could stand!
    Im glad you are taking care of yourself at the end of your days with tea, and a cozy cozy lavender hot bag :) way to go!
    Have fun! and dont forget about the garbage bag suggestion! :)
    x's and o's

  5. You do that, Love. The saying in our house is, "A cuppa tea, a Bex and a good lie down." I don't recommend the Bex but the other two work a treat. Lisa.

  6. May be it was one of those spiders that love living near paper, like roaches and other disgusting bugs...
    when I was a child, the 1st time I found a spider grandma told me: look for the other one, Eli. spiders always come in pairs...

    I don't know if that is a "certified fact" but since then I've always found two of them whenever they sneak into my house... so.... Nikki, look for the other one so you don't pack it and take it to Nebraska...!

    question: did you make the flaxseed&lavender bags yourself?
    How about a quick tutorial when you are settled? I'd love to make some for my mother and other relatives who'd love it

    Have a happy sunday!

  7. Places like copy centers, and paper stores are great for getting boxes. The ones that hold typing paper are sturdy, with lids, and just the right size, so you don't overpack, and end up with a box too heavy to lift.

    Montana is now full (well maybe not full, but you know), of black widows, and hobos brought in people's moving boxes from the West Coast - be careful what you move ;)

  8. So that's what that sound was yesterday....:)

    Have you checked with like a fast food restaurant and/or grocery store? I've been able to get my boxes from there because sometimes they have to pay to have them hauled away so they'd rather give them away. They may already be broken down, but you can easily tape 'em up. AND thye are usually sturdy. My favorites are the boxes they use for bags of french fries at fast food places- GREAT for dishes. :) LOL!! Oh- or hardware stores! They usually will give you some, too.

  9. I was hoping for a pic of the biggest spider hideout ever....good luck!

  10. OMG, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight after that spider story! Make sure that round, webby thing isn't AN EGG SAC!


  11. Ok you have now managed to freak me out. *shivers* I would have screamed AND cried seeing that thing...both spider and nest. You need to make sure you aren't taking anyone with you to your new home. LOL!

  12. OMG--I'm dying that your paper punch is stuck on the web like a decoration!

    I think Mr. Whimsy should clean it up. ;)

  13. ooo packing is so fun. not! hey- just a few tips. put all the clothes into big garbage bags- soft, throwable, and the kids can drag them! dump each drawer in the kitchen into a big ziploc baggie- keeps things contained and all together. move, open- sort, dump and done! yay! good luck!


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