Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I must say that I have been missing my ole blog here. But, honestly, the reason I've been absent is because it's quite depressing being down here in my art studio, which is where my computer & WhiMSy love headquarters are located. These pictures show the images that I see every day when I walk down here to the basement. What a friggin' mess. It's gonna take too much energy {that I don't have right now} to get this place cleaned & organized. I'm afraid to go near those nasty boxes. They are just spewing with bits of this & blobs of that.
It's been really hard having most of the house unpacked, but then MY stuff gets put on hold so I can make breakfast, make lunch, make dinner, do dishes, buy groceries (in Timbuktu), make beds, hang pictures, do laundry, fold clothes, referee fights, help kids with homework, go to meetings, answer phone calls, entertain children, clean the house.....Shall I go on? By the end of the day, when the kidlets are in bed, I do not have the patience or energy to attack MY mess or address MY list of things that need done. So it sits, & grows. (I swear it grows).
My space is not complete, organized & happy; therefore, I do not feel complete, organized & happy.
I feel very restless & frustrated due to the messy mess here. So last night I had a good cry, a motivating email from my best pal on the planet & a heart-to-heart with the hubby & I'm good to go.
Mr. WhiMSy love is keeping the kids out of "Mommy's Zone" this morning & again for most of the day Saturday. In fact, Zoey (my 7 year old) eagerly volunteered to make make Pazely (her 5 year old sister) breakfast this morning. 
It's gonna be a good day. (After I clean up that mess in the kitchen.)

Thanks for letting me spew. I do that sometimes.


  1. good for you. i'm not a mom, but I do get to the point sometimes where i have to clean my house or i can't be crafty. and when I am not crafty, i am not so much fun to be around. it's also been kind of a crazy couple of months during the busiest time of the probably needed that cry more than you knew. hope you have a restful (but productive) cleaning marathon!

  2. I'm sorry that you don't have your special place set up yet, but don't lose heart. I know you will get it all put together. So sweet of the hubby to watch the girls while you work on unpacking your studio. Put on some killer tunes and dance when you need a break. That room will be ready in time for a fresh new year. Good luck and don't give up on it. Just take much needed snack and dance breaks then get right back to it. :-)

  3. am so with you on that! I have been feeling exactly the same & my work room/office/studio is currently called "The Pit" - and as desperate as I am to go in to sort it out - I just can't face it! I decided that I have just have to go with the flow (and get over it!) over the christmas break as the children are back at school/childminders from 5 Jan, so I can crack on with it then - and till then the room can keep on moaning...

  4. Your room looks a like like mine does right now... especially hard to correct with the kids home from school for 2 weeks. I have been getting the rest of the house in shape (lots of company coming and going in Jan) and everytime they get in my way I threated to make them help. Funny how that always seems to make them disappear.

  5. Aw, man, moving is so hard. And that mess of spewing boxes is such a distressing reality of moving. I'm glad you get some time to get it done this weekend. Hopefully you'll be able to get your create on again very soon! :)

  6. Ok ready?


    I'll bet you are more ready than you were before that, right? He he

    But really--can't wait til you can get your space all worked out and "whimsi-fied". We expect pictures! (Ok, maybe just I do, but I know you will post pics, because you do that.)

    Have a great weekend! :D

  7. Pile it all up in one or 3 corners of your art and crafty space. If you find something large enough or just an extra blanket cover it up. Then make yourself comfy in the one corner, start organizing there, get happy and whimsy there for a few minutes a day. Or just sit and smile and make plans for future projects with cup of hot chocolate in your hands. Little by little you can tackle another box from the pileup or more whenever you energy comes back.
    I still have two boxes not unpack from the last move, no clue where to put the stuff- but luckily there is a garage to hide them in until we move again or I feel like tackling them perhaps with a glass of wine next to me.

  8. G-I-R-L, I TOTALLY understand! When we moved (about a year and half ago), I had my share of break downs. (Praise the Lord I have a patent husband!)

    I was even a finalist in "The Messiest Garage" make over contest put on by a local TV station because of all the junk I didn't have the energy to unpack and organize (which I kept shoving into my garage).

    I didn't win the free make over, but after about 6 months passed, I DID IT! I organized the garage (while hiring a babysitter to keep my three kiddos busy) by myself- and it felt SO GOOD!

    It will get done- slowly but surely- give yourself time (and hire a good babysitter!)- YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!

  9. I have no excuse like moving, but if I posted a posted a photo of where my scrapping stuff is ( you would be disgusted at my lack of disipline.
    I want to use my new machine I GOT A CRICUT for Christmas)but I feel like I am sitting in the middle of a pileocrap!
    I am redoing my blog for this year and starting with resolutions (hate that word) but I am going to try to get myself mobile in my creativity again! GOOD LUCK TO YOU~!
    You will get there and probably make something very very cool from the stuff you find around:)

  10. You know what I love about Mr Whimsy Love? When you go to him with a problem, he seems to always make an effort to make it better. Next time, don't wait so long to ask for help!

    Hang in there Nikki. You are going to be back to your old self before you know it. New & Improved! Happy New Year.

  11. You just can't box up your creative outlet. It's bound to burst. I've been dragging tons of arts supplys around for 40 years.
    This year I'm resolved to USE them all up (so I can buy some more).
    I've got a fun blog challenge going on for extreme stashers. From the looks of your stash, you just might enjoy it.

  12. Dang, Nikki! :) You better show your room who's boss otherwise you might end up on that show "Hoarders" (minus the dead animals and food...right?! LOL!!) It's ok- we've all been there. But maybe just having dedicated time will be what you need to relax. Obviously, cleaning isn't relaxing, but maybe going through everything and seeing it again will get your creative wheels cranking again!

  13. hang in there Nikki! moving is so so so so emotionally hard and draining. tears and frustration are totally normal! but you'll get through it (you know that, right?) and how many days till Tia comes? That'll be a good recharge for you :)

    A book that really helped me when we moved was After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller. She also has an awesome website that might be just the encouragement you need.

    and remember, all your bloggy friends are here for you!

  14. Would it help you feel better to know that the two bug catcher necklaces that my 2.5 year old got in her stocking were apparently some of the best gifts she's gotten this year? She loves them and they are darling. :-)

  15. well, i'm feeling BLAH right along with you (for different reasons) - but still, BLAH and i totally hear ya! sometimes you wonder when you get time for ME!!! i remember when you first set up your LAST scrap room and all THAT came together =, just as this will. yay for mr whimsy and groceries in timbuktu - sometimes i wish my supermarket was furtehr away and then i wouldn't go so often!

    happy new year to you :)

  16. Oh Nikki--your room looks super large and I know it will take time to get it the way you really want it, but take it a little at a time. At least you have a great excuse for chaos--we've lived in this house 13 years and I have areas that need to be organized!
    Wishing you many hours of productive organizing of all your creative things!
    Happy New Year!

  17. I totally get that! I find it hard to get excited about creating when I feel as cluttered as my work space.
    Hope you are able to find the energy, I miss your fab ideas and sparkle!

  18. I have begun the process of shipping my sanity (read creative stuff) to Germany. It has to been done weeks in advance or it costs CRAZY money. So some is here and some is there and I wait, wait, wait -too stubborn to write down ideas that ae coming to me. So I KNOW HOW YOU ARE FEELING. Take heart dear friend...

  19. That space is huge and looks like it has so much potential. Hope you got a lot accomplished this weekend- can't wait to see what you create down there!!


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