Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The computer guy comes tomorrow to hook up my Internet!! And, believe me, I'm gonna have my computer all set up so when he leaves all I have to do is push the "on" button!! Yahoo!!

The girls are downstairs decorating a faux tree I set up for them in the playroom/family room. It's such a sad skinny tall tree to begin with. And I could only find one string of lights-- half of which didn't light up. I even took out each unlit bulb & replaced it with a good one so I could find the dead link. No luck. I also dug up a bunch of random ornaments--mostly vintage santas-- for them to hang on the tree. The girls are doing it all themselves. I hear bickering & fussing now but I think that's part of the tradition of trimming the Xmas tree, isn't it?

Still unpacking. You thought I talked too much about PACKING, now I won't be able to stop yapping about UNpacking. It fills my days. I love it though. The upstairs is pretty much done so I get to attack my art studio tomorrow!

The girls are having to adjust a bit to school. They are having to unlearn a lot rhey' already learned 'cause the new school they're attending does things differently. I feel bad for them in that. And then sweet Zoey had such a traumatic moment her 1st day of school. At her old school plastic utensils are used & can then be thrown away. At her new school "real" utensils are used. She accidentally threw her fork away after lunch & felt so embarrassed afterward. She came home & later cried about it. That girl has such a soft heart. She is missing her friends & teachers & often gets emotional about that.

And Pazely is doing well as a first-time all day kindergartner. The extra time in my day is weird. But weird is good.

Photos coming tomorrow! Although, if you've been following me on facebook you've seen my random photo updates.


  1. yay for the internet guy!
    & Zoey sounds like such a sweet & caring girl! :)
    I hope you all get settled in quickly & smoothly. <3

  2. I'm anxiously waiting for your pix!
    I'm sure the girls will little by little get used to the new school and the new ways. They'll always remember their other school back in Richland.
    Great idea having a Tree just for the kids to decorate. I'm definitely borrowing this from you to use with mine in the years to come
    Cheers Nikki!

  3. I remember when we moved from FL to MN and I had a horrible school experience. We moved up in the last 2 months of school, but my first day I was teased because of my accent. Nobody could understand me. Then I didn't know what "hot" or "cold" lunch meant. So I had to have a lunch lady help me. And then I had the reduced lunch ticket, which looked different, so I got teased for that. And since it was the end of the year- I had no friends for summer. Awful. Third grade- I'll never forget it.

    Hopefully she'll recognized some of the kids in the neighborhood from school- that will help. :)


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