Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Advent Love.

I know some of you already heard about this, but it's a must to repeat.

One day Tia was telling me about a family she knew who were new to town & it was around the Christmas holiday. They heard a knock at their door & opened it to find a basket of 24 goodies, all wrapped & numbered. An advent basket!  Each night, before Christmas, they opened the numbered present that corresponded to that day. What a special gift!

Did you see my happy advent basket from Tia? She gave it to me before we moved. Our road trip adventure began on December 1st. So, I got to start opening prezzies in the car along the way. It has been SO fun opening up a wrapped suprise every day. (Once I opened 2 in one day. *gasp* I couldn't contain myself.)
I do believe we're going to keep this tradition alive & do one for each other every year.

If you plan on doing one for next year, I say: shop early! It's fun to start getting items gathered throughout the WHOLE year. Sometimes cool little doo-dads pop up unexpectedly when you're out shopping. Or, how about MAKIN' STUFF too! (You'll need to buy/make 24 items.)

It's an especially fun thing to do for a faraway friend. I can attest to that.

My goody basket has been packed with: a blanket, a bookmark, mulling spices, an iTunes gift card (to use with my new iPhone. Wheee!), holiday paper plate/napkin/cup set, body wash, picture frame fridge magnets with our silly faces already attached inside (one of my faves!), cupcake fridge magnetic notepad & recipe cards, a book, a small set of yummy lotions, holiday notecards...You get the idea.


  1. I love the idea of giving this as a gift to someone! I think I'll do it next year for our parents, you're never too old to count down to Christmas, right? :)

    PS Did you bring all of this snow with you when you moved to NE?! We've been here (Omaha) three years and haven't seen this much snow here. Do you have it there, too?

  2. *gasp* Tia's a genius. I love that idea. I am so going to copy next year!

  3. Awsome idea! I'll do that with my super dooper friend next year.
    Needless t say Tia is one of a kind.

  4. What a fabulous tradition to be starting! As your girls get a little bigger, you might consider what my daughter's group of friends did every year for a Christmas gift exchange. Everyone brought a NEW pair of wrapped panties (they were boxers when they first started at about age 10 and got skimpier as the years went by). It worked like a white elephant gift exchange and some years it became quite comical. The last one she had was during her first year of Law School--I was able to attend and it was just as much fun as all the others!

  5. tia is a great friend and this is an awesome idea - and the month isn't even half over yet!


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