Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Back. Bridgeport Style.

I'm back! For reals!! Ahhhhh....this feels absolutely wonderful! I have missed you blog & blog peoples!! Even though my iPhone has pacified my internet cravings, THIS feels stinkin' AWESOME!! Howsabout a picture???? Or 50?????

Sit back, yawn if you want, & get ready for sharin' time. Here's the "Travelin'" portion of my photos:

Cheeto Walrus Teeth (anything to help pass the time, ya know?)

We were so amazed by the beautiful sky. Especially on the first day. I tried capturing the rays of light shining through the clouds, but my point-n-shoot can only capture so much.

Despite catching the electricity pole in the photo while driving, the sky at sunset was AMAZING. We couldn't stop oohing & aahing!

The windmills were rather majestic. I had never seen any upclose before. Look at that little fence post in the forground to get a  better clue of the massiveness of those things!! It sounds odd, but they were breathtaking.

The long road ahead. Rather daunting.

We hit some snow on one of our stops. I really had no idea where we were half the time. But the girls LOVED it!

I was so in love with the minute detail of every single snowflake. I tried capturing some on my black glove. Look at the perfection!

Cheese. I didn't cut it.

Rest stop jumpy action. Getting the wiggles out after being cooped up in a car.

Zoey joins in on the action. Lovin' those purple toilet stall doors!

One more before we hit the road for another few hundred miles!

Wyoming Maps.

Some rather awesome seats outside a Subway somewhere in either Wyoming or Nebraska.

Wish this were a better photo. The white snow covered hills blending in with the white windmills was so cool looking!!

Abe-tastic! We stopped--in 1 degree weather to see this giant bronze statue of Abe Lincoln's head. I was so cold I cannot even describe it.

Nebraska scenery.

Me & my new house. I keep thinking how funny it will be when the "locals" see me hopping around town. haha!

The upstairs is now officially unpacked. And I unpacked my first box from the art studio tonight. The mannequin head residing in that box TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT! I seriously jumped back & felt my heart shoot through my chest. So my advice is: if you're packing mannequin heads (or heads of any sort really) LABEL the boxes.

More tomorrow!


  1. (awww shucks, I was typing a long message and it didnt work!)
    I am so glad that your ship has landed safe and sound! I enjoyed all your photos, you are one talented girl! I especially adore the one of the GORGEOUS snowflakes on your white glove. I was staring at it for a while, so pretty.
    The last bit made me laugh!
    Jessica :)

  2. I've never seen snow, so imagine my face staring at your gloive covered in snowflakes. Beautiful.
    The rest of the pictures are beautiful as well, and I'm happy you are happily jumpin' around your new home

  3. FUN!!! I totally agree- the windmills are amazing when you see one working! :) I saw my first one this summer (Labor Day weekend) on teh way to the Twin Cities, MN. In Duluth (or neighbor city) we see them laying on the ground in pieces- this is the port they arrive in from overseas. VERY cool. :)

    And yeah- 1 degree is nothing, baby! :) Your skin will turn into leather pretty soon. But it is quite a shock for a newbie! HAHA!! Wait until you are well below zero and your nose freezes shut. Or your eyeball juice is ice. Blog it!

  4. I am glad you all had a safe and beautiful journey. Your photography is always wonderful. The snowflakes are are so amazing, they almost don't look real! Enjoy the new home you have been blessed with.

  5. First off, photo documentation? Glorious.

    I think the old point-n-shoot did a pretty darn good job capturing that sunshine. Just beautiful.

    Aaaaand why can you take pictures of a bathroom, and they look clean and good and wholesome?! Is it your adorable munchkins, or what? If I took a photo in a restroom (public at that) everyone would catch some rare std from merely LOOKING at it.

  6. Yay! Pictures. I've been reading all along 'cause I love what you gots ta say, but I love me some pictures. The sun rays and snowflakes are AMAZING. I love the idea of the pastor's wife jumping all over town. :D

  7. bahahahahaha about the mannequin head. Seriously. That's a hilarious mental image.

  8. i love that you enjoy yourself wherever you are! glad to SEE you again, luv. =) can't wait to get to know more about your new home.

  9. O.M.G.--the cheeto walrus teeth---awesome! Must try that sometime!

    Love the jumpy photos--especially since you decided to do them in the bathroom! OH--and with Abe. VERY nice. :D

    Lovely photos of the sky, and may I tell you something? I think windmills are majestic too... ;)

    Glad you are back sweetie! Welcome home!

  10. How exciting! All of it! Good luck settling in.

    We have a funny memory from driving through Wyoming once. We went into a KFC and the person taking our order asked us if it was "for stay" or "to go". I answered, "for stay" and thought that didn't sound right. Usually people ask "for here" or "to go". We still laugh...10 years later when someone takes our order and we answer "for stay"!

  11. Great pictures!! I am always in awe of the individual perfection that is a snowflake- love your shot of them!!! Whata n exciting (and beautiful trip). Can't wait to see more of you settling in. :)

  12. wow, the snowflakes are beautiful. God is so awesome!

  13. Love the snowflake/ glove pic- beautiful!
    Glad you made it safely and are getting settled in. You're new house looks awesome!
    Hate to admit it with all of the windmill love on here, but they creep me out. We pass tons on the way from Omaha to Des Moines.

  14. Wonderful snowflake photo! Glad you're settling in.

  15. Nik, the snowflake photo is GORGEOUS! We may get a little ourselves tonight if my little weather iPhone app has anything to say about it!


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