Thursday, December 17, 2009

Light Painting

Last night as I was riding home from the our family shopping trip in the pitch black & entertaining myself by taking photos of random car lights or xmas lights with a long exposure on my camera, it reminded me that I've always wanted to give "Light Writing" or "Light Painting" or "Glow Doodles" a try. So, REALLY late last night I sat on my kitchen floor,(in the dark), put my point-n-shoot camera on a chair, changed the setting to Night Landscape & set the self timer. It's my first go at it, but I want to experiment with the manual settings & see if I can get the exposure set for a longer time. I had so much fun! I used a little blacklight pen that my daughter has in her super-secret-spy-kit. haha!

Check out THIS LINK from DIY Photography about the how to's of  painting with light.
Look HERE at a rather famous painter back in the 40's creating a masterpiece with a flashlight.
Click HERE to see photos in the Light Painting Flick group.
And finally, click HERE for a link to photojojo, where you learn how to paint with light in real-time using your webcam. Pretty cool!

My sad little Christms tree:

I traced the outline of my face in this photo:

Happy face:

Mickey Mouse:

A cat:

Yeah, you can see in the Mickey Mouse photo that there is a capture of my stove clock. It says 12:23am. So, you can see what sort of things are going through my head at that time of the morning: Disneyland & kitties.



  1. thats amazing !! think ya may have got carried away with the fun of it tee hee xx

  2. Everytime I open your blog it makes me smile AND gives me something new to try out. You are FANTASTIC!

  3. My HS boyfriend asked me to prom this way... He wrote in the night sky with a flashlight, 'Will you go to prom w/' and then laid under it. I still am not sure how he got all the words in on time... Looks like fun though!! :)

  4. I adore this, and thanks for the links!


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