Monday, December 7, 2009

Suprise For Me!!

I've been getting holiday orders & inquiries since re-opening WhiMSy love, which is kinda funny 'cause everything is still packed up in boxes. Guess I better stop laughing & start unpacking huh?

Oh, also, my little town is supposed to get a major dump of snow tonight & in the next couple of days. Something about a possible state of emergency or something? Good times.

Wanna know something super sweet? When we arrived to our house there was food in lots of the cupboards--even homemade jellies & bread! The freezer was stocked with fresh meat. And drawers housed other kitchen accessories like paper towels & baggies. Awesome, right?

Ok, so do you want to know what the title of my blog is referring to? I received an email informing me that a certain passenger named Tia would be arriving for a visit on January 13th! Wheeeeeeee!!!!! She gets to stay until the 18th. I cannot wait! I'm counting down the days. 36 days left. We are not sure the town of Bridgeport is ready for this duo. We'll leave our mark for sure. At least a dent.



  1. Now you can unpack with excitement - soon you'll have a friend to show your new digs off to :)

  2. what thoughtful previous owners x Tia arriving must be so exciting for you xx

  3. Wow, how awesome! What a lovely thing, to come into your new home with "home" already in it. :)

  4. We're expected to get 12+ inches of snow tonight, too! Welcome to the Midwest, yall! :) You'll learn to dread the snow cancelled school days (kids will love them) and shoveling your same driveway multiple times in one day. And after every shovel effort- the snow plow will come and wave at you. You'll learn to effectively give the finger using a mitten. I swear they have some kind of sonar for people who are shoveling and they drive full speed just to dump a load in your drive while waving. :) Good luck- stay warm!

  5. i wondered when I saw the news this morning if you were loving the weather in nebraska yet.....=)

  6. I've been missing your blog posts. Hurry and unpack and take photos and get back to being your silly self...

  7. ooh!! your only...lets see..1 state away now...I hope you and your family will be blessed in your new home.
    Take care friend! Hope you and Tia have a wonderful visit.

  8. That fork story is bitter sweet. It actually reminds me of something I would do as a kid... or now.

    (I'm actually quite a sensitive soul... ;)

    thinking of you in your new digs,



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