Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday. (What a funny word.)

Zoey stayed home from school today. She was rather mellow but eventually gained back her energy AND her appetite as the day went on. She'll be returning to school tomorrow---2 days left until Christmas break! The K-3 classes are all going to see "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" on the last day of school & then come back to the school for a party. Wah? I wanna go!

Anyway, Zoey laid her mellow tushy on the couch practically all day & put me to shame with her Christmas card writing skills. I have written nary a one & she's got a stack to pop in the PO Box tomorrow. What a cutie!

So while she drew up some fantastic holiday greetings, I got to play with this tangled mess. I thought I'd start hanging some pictures & get some warm & cozy homey-ness into this new pad of ours. Book art was on the menu. I did get a few things hung. But I decided to mostly focus on Zoey's room & get her artwork hung up & make it a completion & success story for my day. I'm needing one of those.

And just in case you forgot how awesome I am, let me remind you: Now, I'm sure I didn't invent this idea, but I thought of it for myself & was so excited I had to share. I needed to hang a hook in the ceiling above Zoey's bed for a "canopy". And I hate how the ceiling crumbs get all over & make a mess. So, I drilled a hole in a paper plate & then drilled the hole in the ceiling....

...without a mess! The plate caught all the crumbs! Neato, huh?!

And tonight we played rebel parents & kept our kids up late----just so we could go to Walmart & get some much needed shopping done. Things keep coming up in the daytime & we never have a chance to escape. It's kinda a big deal for us to go to "town". It's almost 40 miles to get to a Target or Walmart or Home Depot, which ISN'T that long, but we're just not used to it. So, when we get groceries, we stock up like the world is ending & we might never eat again. haha! We DID get a microwave though! (Woot! Woot!) I tried to hold out as long as I could, but it's just more handy havin' one I guess.
The ride to & from was dark, so I entertained myself by capturing any lights we passed on my camera for some fun shots.

And I'm getting all sort of happy because I have been getting a lot of Christmas shopping done in the last few days! It's all via online purchases, & I am having so much fun. Yes, it's last minute & I've had to pay oodles more for shipping. But it's worth it if it calms my frustated heart. And it does.


  1. I want Zoey's pjs, and Soey's tray, and zoey's xmas cards, and, and and! It's fun to be sick at home with you Nikki!
    Can't wat to see the pix of her room.
    As for going shopping, I have a Wallmart like ten blocks from home and whenever I go I do the same thing.... I just ate having to go every other day, I end up buyin "unnecessary" stuff... well I do it anyway!

  2. aw, i hope that she's feeling better!
    you are just chock-full-o-handy ideas! love how you think, girl!
    merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. You are a bright spot of sunshine. Your blog is always inspiring, never haughty or or look at me I'm so great. You just know how to be in your own skin. I like. I've added your button to my blog. I can relate to the shopping & stocking up thing. I don't get miles (I'm a canuck I do KMs) but I do know it takes 30 mins to get to the nearest Walmart for me. I try to keep it to once a week. It gets easier once you get a routine figured out, which pretty much took me a year. Go figure.
    Thanks for being you and letting the rest of us peek.

  4. So glad Zoey's feeling better! Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is adorable. You should sneak in! :P

    I haven't made my Christmas cards yet, and I'm stressing myself out about it. I've been so busy making and jarring hot cocoa...Oh, the powdery mess!

    Operation: Catch Ceiling Crumbs? GENIUS! Such a good idea. I now want to drill holes in order to utilize this technique.

    Be still frustrated heart. ^_^

  5. haha, I quite often start sentences with "Just in case you didn't know how awesome i am..." you made me giggle, btw, the plate trick, is clearly demonstrating your awesomeness, very clever :)


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