Monday, December 14, 2009

Week in Review

I started getting really overwhelmed this week thinking that all my usual holiday-ish things are not going to happen. And that makes me sad. And sorta frustrated.
Instead of doing my annual ornament & holiday card for WhiMSy love, I guess I'll have to go big for Valentines Day.
I had such a cool idea for a super neato project in the shop for Christmas, but that didn't happen. Guess I'll save it for next year.
 I'm not getting my Christmas cards out on time this year: The cards are not bought, the annual Christmas letter is not even composed in my tired & cramped little brain & the holiday photo of the girls hasn't even been snapped. New Year's cards are cool too though, right?
Handmade presents for family & friends are non-existent this year. Too much unpacking & not enough crafting. I'm doing last-minute online handmade prezzies though. So, they're handmade, just not by me. And that is OK!
I'm lucky if I have time to squeeze in my traditional sugar cookie baking with the girls. Christmas shopping will commence tomorrow. I've never waited until this late. It just wasn't possible before now. Moving has been harder than I thought. Ugh.
It's beginning to be a bit emotional thinking about being apart from my family. Especially this time of year. Double ugh. I think I'm getting the Christmas blues...


  1. Just take a breath, enjoy that beautiful snow while watching "White Christmas," and know that moving can often STINK! I did it (moving) last year and found it was actually liberating to have a legitimate reason to say "No."

    You'll be settled sooner than you think, but until then, have a "Blue, Bloo-ooo-ooo Christmas!"

  2. I've got them too! We are in Hawaii and my family is in Georgia, but such is the life in the military! I am Thankful we have skype and I will get to see my nephews open their presents...we had a virtual birthday party earlier this year which was really nice! It's hard especially when you just moved and haven't even gotten settled in yet...know that one all to well! Wish you the best...I'm doing New Year's cards too!

  3. *** sending you hugs from Vancouver Canada**** It will all get better!

  4. Darling Heart, you have been so brave and positive. I'm sad for you all the way over here. Someone wise told me that this Christmas was the time for our family to find some new ways of doing things...I guess your family is the same. You never know, some of the new things you do might become loved traditions that you keep. Moving is hard..missing family and friends even harder. Be kind to yourself, Special Girl. Lisa.

  5. Moving away from everyone and everything is not easy...I did it myself 7-1/2 years ago. But you'll love how connected your own family unit becomes, and you'll find treasures to remember and hide in your heart this Christmas. Don't worry about all the details, because everyone understands how busy you are. xx

  6. Oh no! Not the Christmas blues!

    Maybe this will be the best Christmas your [immediate] family has ever had together. Perhaps you've never needed each other SO much. :)



  7. Christmas away from family is hard - but good too. No running from house to house, trying to fit everyone in, no frantically cleaning, so they can come to visit, and then cleaning for the next bunch. Just cozy time with your children. Special coffee, special breakfast, special...whatever you always wanted to do on Christmas morning, but couldn't, because you had to run to someone elses house.

    Hang in - it get's better.

  8. I live almost 7000 kilometers away from my parents, and you? :(


  9. Recently when I started missing family my husband (a pastor) reminded me that even though we're not over-seas we are like missionaries, doing the work of the Lord. That helps me to think of it that way.

  10. Just discovered your blog for the first time today and love it. I subscribed. We moved away from our family last year too, just before Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's definitely an adjustment, making our own holiday traditions for just our little family, but there are perks too (like not having to rush around to different houses, drive there and back with a full stomach or feed a houseful, be able to stay in our pajamas as long as we want to on Christmas day, etc).


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