Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week in Review

The highlight of my week was getting to go on a horse & wagon ride around town with my church & singing carols. Afterwards we headed back for chili & cinnamon rolls. Mmmm....If all that doesn't scream CHRISTMAS, I don't know what does.

 How last minute can I get? I have presents to make, gifts to wrap, everything to do really, because NOTHING has been done since we moved here. It's been an unusual holiday, so I'm trying not to stress & just go with it. I was very inspired this year by dandee's holiday tradition of "Want. Need. Wear. Read." for my girls' Christmas prezzies. I still have their READ gifts to purchase, which will be simple online purchases of magazine subscriptions. Their WEAR gifts will take the most time. I'll be making them both some really girly super hero capes. But I'm still trying to find the perfect easy peasy pattern.

The girls are already starting to complain about being bored. (WHAT?! Their Christmas break just started 3 days ago!) Although I refuse to be their entertainment director, I am planning one fun thing a day for them to do. The rest is up to them. Saturday was a family Christmas movie night, Sunday was the horse-n-wagon ride, & today it's gingerbread house decorating!! (Thanks to a $5 Wilton pre-assembled house I purchased at Walmart for both of them!) Really I'm just trying to find time in the day to distract them so I can unpack & organize & hang pictures & clean & sort & unpack some more...I miss playing with them.

 And just in case you were wondering....Tia arrives in 24 days!!! YAHOO!!!

*Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. love your review
    it reminded me of winter holidays in Bs As, my grandpa taking me to the city zoo and horse and wagon ride afterwards in Palermo ... I was Zoey's age and loved my grandparents' taking me out, enjoying their granddaughter's company and viceversa. I let my parents now enjoy my kids and spoil them a bit too!

    Moments like those stay with us forever, and this time of the year our beloved ones' absence is really sad, though I know they get to enjoy Xmas with Our Father, so... I guess they have Heavenly fun!

    I'm trying not to cry here... so I'll stop writing.

  2. I am sure you have made the capes by now but just in case you havn't.
    I made my 3yr old son one for hallowen. He loves bright green so i use green felt. I didn't have a pattern so i just cut out a shape i liked. The basic cape shape, but a heart one would be cute! In the neck area i was going to put on csome ties, which you just had a pretty little ricrac or string of your choice. I decided to attach his to a bright green tide-dyed shirt with velcrow at the shoulder/neck area. He is a rough boy and i wanted somthing that would give if he caught it on something. ANd he was wearing it to preschool for party day and the tie is a choking hazord. Plus he could take it off and still be in coustum. :) I hope you find what your looking for and post us some pics, I know you will..
    I hope you & the family have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year to come!! Heather

  3. I made my nephew a superhero cape last year sometime and I actually couldn't find a tutorial (and then neglected to find pictures to make my own...oops!). I ended up just laying a piece of fabric on the floor (no table space) folded in half and cutting out the right shape. Then for the lining, I just laid the first shape on top of the other shape and cut a second shape. I ended by making 4" tabs that crossed in the front with velcro for safety. Good luck, it sounds like a great project. I know he LOVES it.

  4. In case the capes haven't magically appeared yet!
    Love seeing you in your new environs, sounds like you have a nice community with the horse and wagon and caroling!
    Merry Christmas!


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