Monday, December 28, 2009

Week in Review

What a busy week! Not a lot of photo-takin' went on. (I seriously scrounged for pics!) Christmas preparations were underway all week. Shopping up to the last minute. Making stuff up to the last second. But, I got it all done. Yippee! Later this week I'll have to show better pictures of the crafty creations I made for the girls' Christmas prezzies. I loved the "Want. Need. Wear. Read." gifts & plan on making it a tradition every year.
I had the most lazy, wonderful, chillin', relaxing holiday EVER!! I've enjoyed the mellow atmosphere around our home & plan to extend this mood during the last week of the girls' winter break. I gotta put a stop to all the sweets munchin' though. I have eaten more caramel & chocolate covered pecans than I can count.
Let's see, what else went on last week?....Gingerbread house building. Windy snowy days. I Skyped for the first time. (Tia & I talked once for almost 3 hours. And then we were reprimanded with a Skype curfew!) Filled Etsy orders. Unpacked. Hung pictures. Dreamed of a day when the things in my house will all be put away....
 This week I'll be blasting through the final boxes in my art studio trying to get my space all tidy & neato. (But taking a break now-&-then to play with my newest addiction: Wii!!!)
**17 days until Tia gets here!!**
Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. That 'want need wear read' is a great take on present giving. I love the fact that it balances wants and needs.
    The superhero cloak looks great. I wonder what sort of super missions she'll get up to.....

  2. I got like 5 pictures all week too- having too much fun being a part of it all. :) We got a Wii too- it's our newest addiciton, that and board games- the girls got like 10 of them now!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. i had more pics last week than this week. sigh. and the WANT NEED WEAR READ idea is AWESOME! Happy almost New Year!


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