Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The computer needs some work. It may be a while before it is repaired. It's all in the research stage now as far as what to do next. So, I will be conducting my Etsy shop business from my iPhone. I will be stuck only relisting items though, since I am not able to add photos to my shop with the iphone. This should be a real interesting ride. But, you know, this'll give me a chance to get all crafty for the first time since settling in. And maybe a crafty tutorial, via my iPhone camera, will be put into action. No more fancy macro shots for a while. (I think I might cry.) Macro makes the world a better place...But this will be fun! For reals!

My ma-in-law arrives on February 4th. She'll be here for 4 days. We usually spend our time dining & shopping when she's in for a visit. But now that we have relocated to Tinytown, I'm afraid Target & Chili's might be as good as it gets. (Hey, I'm game!)

Yesterday the Wii fit kicked my butt. And the thing measures your weight & has you do all these balance exercises & then tells you your Wii fit age. In real-life I am 34. But in Wii-life I'm 41. So sad. When Tia was here I tested it out & I was 31! So I've aged 10 years in a week & a half?!?! Something's not right. Either way I need to get fit. I refuse to be 90 when I'm 35. Plain & simple.
After my workout yesterday, I decided to soak in the tub. That probably won't happen too often. I was spoiled by my former roomy tub with its fancy jets & spaciousness. Now it just feels like I'm bathing in a shoebox.

I'm on a TO-DO list kick this week. Next on my list is to make a birthday present for my niece & finish writing thank-you cards from Christmas.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
♥ Nikki

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  1. Ha ha, we got the Wii Fit for Christmas, and I have been anywhere from 26 to 51 depending on the body test (I'm actually 31). Not too sure how they calculate all of those, but my chart is ALLLLLLL over the place. No worries! Clearly I need to work on some areas as well! :)

  2. I feel like I aged 10 years this past week. So, I definitely think it's possible!

  3. Computer issues are abound lately. Matt is building, I kid you not, 15 computers right now in our house for people. It's often cheaper and they last longer, but most people don't know how to do that. He does, loves it, does it all the time. Except now it's taking over my bedroom. It's a problem. He does it, I have to ship them. I think he gets the easier end!

  4. Computer problems. Grr.

    And may I add that you don't even look like you're in your 30's? Take THAT for encouragement! And I mean it, too. ^_^

  5. Ha! I wouldn't put much thought into your Wii age... I tested out my nephew's Wii sports game that has the same feature over christmas and out of everyone in the house who tried I am the most active and also had the worst score. I'm actually 19, but I scored an 80! xD We laughed so hard, I don't know how I managed it! I must fidget or something that reads as poor balance.


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