Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fridge Doodles

Actually, my girls aren't doodling. They're doing some practice homework on the fridge! I grabbed a dry-erase marker today & decided to mix things up a bit. Who likes homework? Not Zoey. Who likes writing on refrigerators? Zoey!
It would make a most excellent & handy message center too. Or, draw out a calendar & keep track of daily appointments.
OR, like Pazely, just use it for what it was made for---& grab some munchies!


  1. I used to have Andrew practice spelling words on the sliding glass door :)

    Such a fun way to get kids into their homework!!

  2. We do this, too! Olivia loves it, and Jackson does but he usually starts sucking on the markers so he gets to be done then. :)

  3. Ah, the fun of dry erase markers! I went to boarding school for 3 years of high school and the other girls on my floor and I used to write dry-erase messages to each other on the tile walls of our shared bathroom. Good times. Until we got in trouble for getting ink on the grout. I never thought of using them on the refrigerator!

  4. So clever! I never would have thought to do that! Hmmmm, wonder which box the markers are packed in ;)


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