Friday, January 22, 2010

Jumpy Out-takes Part 1

This collage of photos was quickly taken before the sun set on Tia's last day visiting me in Bridgeport, NE.

My visit with Tia couldn't have gone any better. Really.

We stayed up late talking. (And laughing 'til we almost peed our pants.)

We talked about all things serious & silly. (And I think those were my favorite times.)

We texted & emailed each other. (Sometimes from the same room.)

One night we cooked together. (A homemade meal of beef stew, coleslaw & cinnamon rolls.)

I played the piano & we sang together. (She even got to be a part of the worship team at church on Sunday morning.)

We visited an antique store. (My first one since arriving here.)

We watched Julie & Julia. (Not as good as we had hoped.)

We spent nearly all afternoon one day in a coffee shop. (Leaving only because the girls were getting out of school.)

We played the Wii. (And for giggles we made up some hawt Mii characters.)

We got pulled over by a cop. (But you already knew that.)

We took our cameras wherever we went. And got several quizzical looks & a few questions. (One guy even stopped & stared at us taking a picture of our feet against this really cool red painted brick wall. He asked what we were doing & I tried explaining, but I realized how silly it all sounded. And, really, if you have to ask, well, I'm sure my explanation won't help you understand any better. You either "get" it or you don't. He finally said, "Whatever." & went on his merry clueless way.)

We walked up & down Main Street in Bridgeport. (Do these people know what random awesomeness lurks in the corners of their town?)

We saw Chimney Rock. (Been there. Jumped that.)

I had my heart set on jumping in McGrew (population: 99) in front of this AWESOME pepto pink building. And so we did.

We lounged in the now famous cardboard bedroom, thanks to features on CRAFTzine & apartment therapy. (And oooh, there are some mean people out there who have nothing better to do than make fun of cardboard. *insert catty screechy meow noise with some hissing thrown in*)

We slept in.

We jumped. (Until our feet hurt & our foreheads glistened.....OK, my pits were smelly too.)

We went to a Bridgeport High School Basketball Game. (It was fun! I didn't understand half of what was going on, but I sure enjoyed my licorice rope.)

We ate lunch one day at a restaurant where you eat peanuts & throw the shells on the ground. (My girls thought it was the coolest place on the planet.)

And finally, we said goodbye. (Which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. No tears were shed....except for maybe that next day...& the next....)


  1. Glad you and Tia had fun and turned a few heads in quizical thought while doing it!

    So, you know I had to go look for those catty comments... Wow- AT has some not nice people. I look at a few other posts there too and it is just all around with their comments, not just on your feature. WHY are people like that?

  2. Looks like you had so much fun with Tia! Yay.
    I had to go look for those catty comments, too. What the? Roaches? People are CrAzY! I love, love, loved your cardboard furniture. You are a genius with a capital g.

  3. MAybe the HATERS can better spend their time trying to be creative rather than insulting other human beings.

    Your visit sounds like a blast and how fun to get to be living in a whole new place full of fun nooks and crannies to discover and explore!!

  4. Oh, how I love this!

    What a gift it is to have a friend like Tia!

  5. I had fun just reading this! It makes me miss my BFF!

  6. i'm not going to go looking for "those" comments, they are completely outside reality anyway, I think you are amazingly creative and so cool. I wish I had the talent that is in your little toe!

    I wasn't as impressed with Julie & Julia as I thought I'd be either, though I love love love anything that Meryl Streep does. It kind of left me wishing for a better ending.

    I like your new layout too.
    Have a happy day.

  7. Love all the colors of Nebraska, makes me want to paint the town!! Glad you two had so much fun! Sorry people were rude (I didn't look, I'll take your word for it!) I bet they're just all jealous that they didn't think of it first!


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