Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jumpy Out-takes Part 2

Bellies stickin' out. Flabby arms wobblin'. Squishy thighs. Triple chins. An imperfect smile.
A wide bottom. Rolls in the midsection.
Sometimes these features really show their true colors when jumpy photo play is in action. In the past, I may have deleted photos revealing such "unsightly" features. But I have learned to accept that this is who I am. Besides, I'm having OODLES of fun!!!!! The troublesome snapshots of the past have a new face: Confident. Spirited. Spunky. Tenacious. Fearless. Indubitable.


  1. Awesome! :) I posted a picture of not only my weight (the for real number..) but me with no makeup. I saw a challenge on another blog to do that and I thought, really- it's just my face. It's not like I'm in a proactiv commerical.

  2. that is too funny! sometimes it just has to be shared. so glad you did.

  3. you seem like so much fun!

    i have to ask, cause i've thought this question before. do you think about HOW you'll jump before doing so? did you and tia think about her sitting and thinking while you jump?

    i think it's great no matter how you do it! so much fun!!!

  4. i love the outtakes! the third on each mosaic are my faves...i still need some practice accepting my many chins...;)

  5. even your outtakes are great!


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