Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mini Mart

Right outside my art studio is a large room that we've split in half. One side is designated as the "family room" & the other the girl's play area. Last year I was given a bunch of wooden plaques that came from a grocery store---you know, the signs that hang above the aisles telling you where to find stuff? (*Thanks Ronica!*) I think they are so neato & I have been trying to come up with projects to make with them. Well, the little kitchen/shopping/food area in the play area was the perfect spot to hang a few! Pazely picked out her favorite signs from the bunch.


  1. My three favorite things! But if I really had to choose, pickles would be first. The mini baby things in those big jars. MMMM... I should check to see if we have any actually...

  2. Don't you just love setting up "play areas"? I just created a dress-up area for my daughter and I haven't seen her for days! (Okay, that's not true-she comes down for meals...)

  3. LOL.


    I love the idea.

  4. NICE!
    I love it all!
    Would you show us a pix of the curtains as well?
    For whati can see in the picture it's a Whimsy love creation, am I right?

  5. Ice Cream and Pickles on the same aisle? That sounds like something from a pregnant woman's cravings!

  6. How fun! And I love that ribbon window treatment I see in the background- how sweet!


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