Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Nature Suncatchers Tutorial

I got this idea from a book but added my own twist.
For supplies you'll need: water, scissors, various sizes of shallow containers, twine (or rik-rak, ribbon, shoelaces) & things found in nature.

Fill the containers with 1/4"-1/2" of water. If desired, add food coloring. Then place your twine at least halfway into the water on either side of the container.

Scatter your leaves, pods, feathers, twigs, etc over the water. Carefully place containers in the freezer.

When they are frozen all the way through, pour another layer of water on top. Again, add food coloring if desired. Freeze again.

I filled my sink with a tiny bit of hot water & placed the bottom of the frozen containers in the water. This helped to easily pry the ice shapes out of their molds.

Hang from tree branches & you're all done! As you can see, it wasn't a sunny day when I made mine. And I wasn't patient enough to let the water completely freeze (due to tutorial & photographic reasons).

They should stay frozen in cold winter weather.
Have fun!
♥ Nikki

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  1. Those are awesome! An icy sun catcher would make this sleety weather a whole lot cheerier.

  2. What a great idea! I'm going to make some with my kids, at 14 & 11 I think they'd still like doing it! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. What an awesome idea - but if it means I have to live in the snow I think I might pass! heeh heh!

    PS you cracked me up with the "buffalo out the back for dinner " post ...I really laughed out loud!
    God Bless you zany girl! Love ya work



  4. This sounds fun! All our nature is frozen under snow and ice so I'll have to come up with an alternative that won't hurt when it melts...

  5. I love this! I saw a version of it using multi-colored icecubes...but I like this one better :D
    Within 5 minutes of seeing it, I started 2 pans with my 4 year old. PLUS we have a rare this will be beautiful later! Thanks ;-)

  6. fun...this is such a cute project! I wish it was cold enough here to try this. Mine would be a melty mess in no time!


  7. When I was a kid, we made these layer by layer with things the birds would like - orange slices, cranberries, craisins, lemon slices, blood orange slices, and different kinds of birdseed in each layer. =D


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