Saturday, January 9, 2010

Super Paze!

For the girls' "WEAR" Christmas gift, I made them superhero capes. I got Pazely to model hers so you could get a closer look. I followed the tutorial HERE over at the Creative Kismet blog. I'm totally gonna make myself an adult-sized one. For reals. You just wait & see...

I used some lightweight yellow & white gingham, cut out two pieces &---before sewing them right sides together & then turning it all right-side out---I stitched the felt embellishments on the back.
I didn't have a serger, so I opted for "option 2" at the end of the tutorial. It was my first try at using bias tape too. And I'm sure I was using it totally wrong. Oh well. I don't think that will mess up her super powers or anything.


  1. Love the feet on the top. I love girls as superhero. You go girl!

  2. I LOVE that you have even make the standard "something to wear" gift fun!

  3. I totally just got on the computer looking for a tutorial on how to make a cape. My middle one is turning 3 next week and I want to make him one. YEAH! Thanks girl..they turned out great! By the are you? I feel like I have neglected commenting on your blog in a blog friend! ~Kara

  4. Seriously, you make me want to be a mom person, and that is amaaaaaazing.


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