Monday, January 18, 2010

Week in Review

How excellent that my week in review includes Tia. We took LOADS of photos & I had such a hard time choosing. (Just be prepared for photo overload the rest of this week!)
I honestly can't put into words how special this visit has been. She leaves tomorrow afternoon. I feel completely happy that she has been able to experience life here with me for the past few days.
We've giggled every day & every night. Intensely. I think it will get quiet when she leaves. I'm not looking forward to that. We'll always have Skype though I suppose. In between visits.

For a photo play-by-play click HERE.


  1. Hang on for a couple of yucky days. There's always a real downer after company from home leaves - but it's normal :)

  2. Oh, glad you're having so much fuun with Tia! And my daughter (Gianna) thinks you jump like a nija. ;)

  3. So sad to hear she's leaving, but so glad you two had time together. And you two will be visiting each other again in no time. :-)

  4. i love where you live for two reasons:
    1) it seems to make you very happy
    2) you get THE coolest pix there!!!


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