Monday, January 4, 2010

YEAR in Review!!

I did it! I actually dedicated myself to a year's worth of Week-in-Reviews. I didn't miss a beat. And I feel sorta proud of myself.
The 365 Days Project I started last January whooped my butt, so I gave that up shortly after I started. I couldn't keep up. The Week-in-Review is a perfect project for me. A lesson in learning to just do what works for you.
Click HERE to see my entire 2009 set of Week-in-Reviews on one nifty page!
Thanks for following along. It's been a fun way to let you peek into my world.
*Here's to more peeks in 2010!!!!*


  1. I love how this looks! You've had a very blessed and busy year!

  2. eeps! the darn comment monster ate my comment...anyway! yay you did it! i find that this makes me stop and reflect on those itty bitty moments and i like the visual journaling part of it. easy and happy. happy new year!

  3. I too, love how this looks! And way to go! I am trying to find what works for me with blogging & pictures... you, my friend, are inspiring! :)

  4. that's fairly impressive! what do u use to make the collages?


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