Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh my golly.

My shift last night at the newspaper was super duper! I took my thoughts, jotted down on lined notebook paper, & laid them out in proper newspaper fashion. I was so giddy I could have squealed! In fact, I am pretty sure I did.

I am so happy with how it turned out & you can bet I'll be running to get a copy of the newspaper when my column publishes tomorrow.

As far as I know, the newspaper is not available online. But subscriptions are super cheap. And, hey, there's nothin' like supporting a small town & an establishement that takes part in the creative process. And plus, you'll make me look good.
Out-of-state subscriptions are available for around $28 a year. (Or you can buy just one paper if you want.) Contact the Bridgeport News-Blade at:
books [at] newsblade [dot] net

Ok, now that the infomercial is over, I continue with the long & random post I promised yesterday....


To answer some of your questions...
The girls made 1" buttons for their classmates on Valentines Day. And the kid's & teachers loved them! Zoey & Pazely were rather proud to see everyone wearing their creations right away!
I purchased the button machine from a shop on eBay called Button Safari. Here's the link:
I have the 1" Model 100 button machine that came with 1000 parts. Other machines are available that make larger buttons too.


Yikes! Mr WhiMSy love's birthday is tomorrow! What shall I get him?!?!?!


Oh! I totally forgot to tell you what the name of my column is! It's called "WhiMSy love...(in print)". I love that I got to keep the whole WhiMSy love thing. I don't know why, but I never thought it could be an option. And I am able to have my blog link & email on the bottom of the column each week. I thought it would be fun someday to have a "Dear WhiMSy love" post on my blog, full of questions & comments from my newspsper fans. Well, if there ARE any fans. Or comments. It may just be whistling wind & crickets. Who knows?


I'm on the hunt for a fun retro/vintage bowling shirt. Me, the mister & a handful of other folks are planning a Wii Virtual Bowling Bash for the Jr High & Highschool aged kids in the community & I want to be all decked out in bowling duds. If you find any cool cheap ones, let me know! For reals!


I just heard through the grapevine that my computer is fixed! It's being shipped to me from Lincoln, which is on the other side of the state.


Do you ever watch the previews before a movie & they show a montage of all these awesome bits of movies & yet they don't tell you what movies they're from? I HATE when that happens.


I am now waiting outside the girls' school in my car. School is out soon. I always bring a snack. Today it's orange cream soda & fudge grahams.

Ta ta for now!
♥ Nikki


  1. the wii Bowl-a-Rama is SO MUCH FUN!
    we threw one of these together in november for our church and it was a blast! the refreshments we served were hot dogs & nachos, just like at a real bowling alley. and we wanted something for all ages & bowlers of all kinds so one side of the gym was 6 wii "lanes" marked with signs of lane #s. down the middle of the gym we had tables for eating. then the other side of the gym we had various different versions of table bowling. like finger bowling (just spray paint some short canned goods boxes from the supermarket black), then there's a cool dice game called bowling dice, and then we had two of the plastic kids bowling sets with their lanes & marks on the floor in purple painters tape. =) add to that fun lighting & the best cheesy songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80s and you can see where it was definitely potential for a good time. we've had so many compliments, i bet yours will be phenomenal as well!!!

    here's the link to my post with our flier for the event. turned out cute!

  2. ok. not sure what to say first- there is a bunch of stuff up there. parties- fun. don't have a skirt. newspaper - cool. congrats. snacks- yum. lucky you. :)

  3. thank you for the info regarding the badge machine!!! the column sounds fun! i wished i lived in the usa so i could buy a copy! but unfortunately im from the uk so will have to hope that u tell us all about ur column on here!

  4. The column sounds like so much fun to produce!

    I am totally going to buy a copy! :) How bout I send you the money - and you sign the first one for me and mail it to me?! Send me a paypal invoice- I'm SERIOUS!!


  5. I THINK my husband still has a bowling shirt that has pins on the back and says 'Moose' - I can check and send you a pic if you are interested.... :o) Chris

  6. Awesome about the column!! See, a small town can have lots going on, can't it? Did you get my message on FB about March 11 and skype? My computer has been sick and it might not have sent the message to you.


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