Monday, February 8, 2010

Week in Review

My week included: a sick kid...a visiting & dining (which happens when the ma-in-law visits)... Superbowl parties, complete with hollering, high-fives & the occasional chest bump...a wee feature in blanket magazine (YAY!)...& snow! (Finally! I've been wanting it to snow. It's so much prettier that way.)

OH!! Do you finally want to know my little piece of exciting news? I have an opportunity to work at the local newspaper! Last Monday l played like Cinderella & stayed up past midnight. I drank diet Dr. Pepper (an attempt at staying awake & retaining some form of sanity) & got to hang out with lovely newspapery peeps while learning new computer programs & piecing together pictures & captions & stories like a puzzle for the weekly newspaper. That'll be my playground every Monday night. But it gets better: I'll be able to use a much more grown up camera than my point-n-shoot & help photograph school activities, sports, events & who knows what else!! Can you stand it? That's not even my most favoritest part. Well, ok, it's tied for favorite: I was offered the chance to write my own weekly column, with topics of my choice!!! Is that insanely awesome or what?!?!?! I have been bouncin' off the walls since being offered all this candy last week.

The newspaper, the Bridgeport News-Blade, is published every Wednesday. And when my first column is published, I'll let you know.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what I could call my column or ideas about what to write about. (I'm pretty sure I'll get my own little picture next to my column too-- you know, like they do?) I'm thinking of having the things I write about be really random--just my thoughts on certain topics, so I am not confined to a constant theme. At first I thought it would be fun (& hopefully funny?) to talk about the small-town stuff I find so amusing. (With respect, of course.) But then what? I could really include anything & everything. So maybe that's too broad. Maybe I do need a theme to contain my randonimity. Hmmm. I think I need to do some investigative research...

*Click on the picture mosaic for a photo play-by-play.

♥ Nikki

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  1. Oh, yea for Big Girl cameras!!! You're going to ROCK that newspaper's WORLD! ;-)

  2. How exciting with the paper! Our paper comes out on Wed. here too! Small town love~

  3. Wow! Congrats on the paper thing - that's awesome.

  4. That is SO cool! Congrats :)

    If your paper doesn't already do this. . . it could be cool to spotlight fun things to do/places to go/eat in your area! When we lived in Moses Lake I never had a CLUE what was going on until the write-up in the paper the following Monday saying how much fun this event was or how many people showed up to that event. It was really frustrating! Even your locals might not know some of the fun things going on right under their noses :)

    Good luck! Can't wait to read your first article!

  5. No WAY! This is going to rock! You will have to post us your column!

  6. Congrats! That'll be so much fun (and hard work). I think "random" is good as long as it still has a similar tone and such. I think that after talking about a "small town" and the differences, you could talk about the "charm" (whimsy) you find in the town and in what might otherwise be simple, routine, and mundane...afterall, I think your blog has helped some of us capture the whimsiness of things we could overlook everyday. ;-)

  7. Oh, Honey! How EXCITING!! I am thrilled for you, I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to work at a newspaper! I'd change my name to Rory Gilmore and print myself a press pass! Randomness is always fun and you could have themes within the randomness, organized chaos if you will.

    Maybe you could incorporate “jumping” in your column title, jumping jacks…… I’ll look fwd to updates on your new adventure.

    I still am not 100 % on your doppelganger but I’m thinking I see some Sandra Bullock.

  8. Column name... "boing! boing!" It is very jumpy. =)

  9. Nikki,
    That's the greatest thing since peanut butter! I am so very happy for you. Isn't God's plan always better than our own?!!

    have fun!
    can't wait to hear more about it!


  10. Congratulations! One more avenue to share the love of craft. If I think of any witty column names, I'll let you know.

  11. so cool nik! wot about the whole moving from washington to nebraska? u could even write a column from the viewpoints of your girls starting a new school. can't wait to read your first column! i bet each week will come around very quickly!

  12. I think you should syndicate...go with whiMSy love, the print version. You entertain, bemuse and amuse - do what you do so well, love! Doing victory dance on your behalf as I type. Scaring dog into leaving the room!!!! Lisa

  13. Way to go girl!
    congrats indeed!
    I hope to see a post about the paper here!

  14. How about incorporating the Whimsy? Lets you pick your topic at your whim - whatever caught your fancy that week. Something like "Whimsical Words?" or "Writing on a Whim"?
    And BTW, as a fellow MOPS mom CA Coord, have loved your tutes - thanks!

  15. small town living is kind of theme but general enough to be random. It could include your thoughts from transplanting, then ideas for seasonal crafts, recipes, gardening if it's spring, etc. Local gems- the things you appreciate that maybe the residents have taken for granted- seeing their town through a newcomers eyes might be refreshing and spark a let's do local interest!

    it could be like...

    finding whiMSy in a small town

    Small town WhiMSy

    something that you could tie in a link to your blog with

  16. Congrats Nikki! That sounds like so much fun. I watch a woman on YouTube and she works at a small town newspaper and sometimes takes her camera to work and I just love seeing how she works and it just seems like so much fun. I hope it's that way for you too. And I so want to read your column, so please post it if you can or if your paper is online, send us a link maybe? :-) And woo hoo for bigger cameras!!! :-)


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