Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yesterday I was isolated at home without a car---& I LOVED it. I lounged around the house, sipped hot cocoa, listened to some opera & watched a documentary. I wasn't expected to go anywhere & didn't have to do anything. It was lovely!!!

Today...different story. Wednesdays have officially become my cleaning days. And we all know how MUCH I loooove cleaning. (Ugh.) It's so hard for me to get into cleaning mode. I'd much rather stay in chill mode.

When I clean though, I feel like putting on a superhero cape. It makes me feel so strong & powerful when I am completing a task I hate. I feel like I could fly high in the sky, do loop-de-loops in the clouds, rescue strangers from a burning building. I feel like I can tackle, take-on, undertake...anything.

The dust bunnies are the crooks, the rings in my toilet bowl are the villains. The darn little whiskery hairs that my hubby leaves stuck to the bars of soap after shaving are the miscreants.

"KA-POW!!!!" I say.
"BAM!" I shout.

"Don't mess with me...I just cleaned my house."

♥ Nikki

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  1. Exactly how I feel after I clean my house:)

  2. cleaning house is a HUGE job.. a job for Super Heroes only ;)

    Good Job Super Hero Nikki!!

  3. You know...(and I say this while covering my head from possible flying toilet brushes..) I don't mind cleaning my house. Not only does it look awesome when I'm done, but I'm kind of a freak. I like the feeling of putting something where it belongs. Tidying up, deep cleaning, scrubbing, etc. The only thing I really loathe is folding laundry. But I do it because Matt is TERRIBLE at it.

  4. Meee too. Love the shot, too. ^_^

  5. You made me smile - now I shall go off and clean the bathroom.

    PS I can never work out whether to clean the whole house in one day so everything looks perfect - even if just for 2 minutes or do a job a day so it only steals a chunk of each day.

  6. Funny girl!

    I actually would love to clean my house without a lil dude crawling after me (and into the toilet!) cry-jabbering "momma, momma!"

    But, I don't honestly get as empowered as you do! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  7. hate housecleaning-UNTIL I GET STARTED-then I am a woman on a mission

  8. Just wait til the girls are old enough to really help (my oldest are 15 and 12) and while I do the toilets, they help with everything else- goes much quicker!!

  9. Not much for house cleaning either, but it does feel good once you are all done and it looks nice a clean...for a few minutes anyway. ;-) But if anyone can tackle the job is Super Nikki!!! ;-)


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