Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Pazely drew this picture last week when we were outside playing in the sunny warm weather. As you can read, she had a good day.
 (Those are my feet. My giant boat-size shoes actually look rather cute there. That's a first.)

Anyway, I'm playing around more with editing my photos into black-n-white pictures because......(drumroll, please).....I will be taking snapshots for possible publication in the weekly newspaper. I say "possible", because if there's room each week, John (also known as the editor, but I've started calling him "Big J". He hates it.), will stick it onto a page, & if not, we'll try again the next week. I'm really hoping it becomes a regular weekly feature. I think people will like it.

The whole goal is to take photos around my county of things that the regular folk might not have ever even noticed. I'll get to go on adventures, discover parts of my new small-town world & share them with the locals. It could be anything. Random & interesting is the goal. I would love it if people actually saw the photos & went out to "see for themselves" or even said to themselves, "I didn't know that was here!" or "That Nikki is one clever cookie." (haha!)

My friend Susan (also known as: my co-worker, a blog fan, the lovely lady who asked me to be a part of The Bridgeport News-Blade, & John's sis) came up with this idea. We had a hoot brainstorming a title for this new feature at 2:30 in the morning. We ended up with "MoCo Photo: a random perspective of Morrill County". (MoCo=Morrill County). We chose a cool font & a cool layout. We think it's hip, edgy & quite awesome! My first photo, which comes out in tomorrow's paper, is a TTV shot I took of a basketball hoop in the church's back yard area. 

Though all the photos will not be TTV, I'm going to celebrate by buying another old camera to aid in my artistic photographic passions. Ebay, here I come!

 Ok, all together now: Yahooooooo!



  1. Congratulations and best of luck with your new venture. Sounds like a wonderful idea to get the locals back investigating their own community.

  2. Yahoooo! Sounds fun, going on adventures! Soon the warm weather will be upon us to get some great photos around town!!

  3. I am so happy everything is working out for you! I know how hard it is moving to a new town. Good luck with everything!

  4. cool! congrats! it's like a little constant treasure hunt...swoon.

    i just found your blog, great timing! I look forward to seeing some of MoCo!

  5. That's a really good idea!!! I would love to see something like that in our local paper.

  6. I always like to jack up the contrast when editing in black and white. I like the artsy feel of it and it causes things to really stand out. Look, I messed with your picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33015589@N03/4421800749/ I thought it might be fun to see a different perspective and I loved the picture :)

  7. who would have though that moving to a teeny tiny town would have opened up so many huge and wonderful creative opportunities for you?! just goes to show... HE always has a plan. :)

    congrats, i really have to order that subscription soon. hopefully by next week. i don't want to miss any of the fun!

  8. I find that if I go out looking for photos I find so much more beauty and feel so much more happier.

    Plus, being in a new place means you'll find loads of new inspiration as you're not jaded with baggage and memories linked with places - at least that's what I'm telling myself as I prepare to move 120 miles away next week!

    Charlotte xx

  9. Ok it should be against the law for one person to be having so much fun. Oh I'm so envious. ;-) I'm so glad you are doing new things in your town and are able to share your craftiness and creativeness with them. I know the locals will love your pictures. And fingers crossed you get a good camera on Ebay. :-)


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