Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Felt Hoop Artwork Tutorial

I'm not sure why, but I have a bunch of these embroidery hoops that I've picked up at thrift stores through the years. I am always trying to think of what to do with them. And recently, I thought of this super fun--& easy--artwork that kid's can make in a jiffy!
All you need is felt, an embroidery hoop, scissors & some fabric glue OR a glue gun.
The fun thing about this artwork is that these hoops come in ALL different sizes. And you can find circular or oval-shaped hoops too.

Felt can be purchased in rectangle pieces or sold by the yard. You'll need a large piece of felt to use as the base for building your artwork on. Once the felt is tightly attached in the hoop, trim off the excess to about 1/2" all the way around.

You'll eventually want to fold the felt over & glue the edges to the backside of the hoop. You can do that now or wait until your design is created. It doesn't really matter.

Now the fun can begin! Pull out your felt & craft away!

For smaller artists, cutting felt in random shapes is easiest. You can even arrange them to look like a mosaic.

One of my daughters found pre-cut owl shapes in my felt stash, with sewing machine embroidered details.

For the cherry pie, I attached a cream colored crust with a wavy edge & cut out cherry circles in 3 colors/textures of red.

To attach the decorative pie crust top, I used pinking shears & glued the pieces to each other with a weaving/lattice effect before actually attaching it to the pie.

Make sure little ones DO NOT use a glue gun. Fabric glue also works.

I hung the food inspired artwork in the kitchen. I'm thinking I need another one up there...
For the pizza artwork, the girls had fun picking their own pre-cut toppings & building their own custom pizza.


  1. I was just wondering when the next tutorial from you was coming. This is so darn cute! And I like the no sew factor too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are so cute..just as I knew they would be! (It was a little hard to tell on skype...) I LOVE how your glue is all gross looking...mine is too!

  3. What a wonderful tutorial!! :)

  4. These are super cute! I love the pie!

  5. VERY cute :)


  6. so cute!!!!! i also love the hoops and felt and glad to see it come together so nicely!!! just might have to go out and get me some!

  7. LOVE the idea of them hanging on the wall, THANKS for some ideas because school will be out before we know it!

  8. super great idea! will have to try out with my kids - thanks!

  9. Love it! Congrats on the big girl camera.

    I have to tell you it will be a bit scary to have a fancy camera. I was afraid of mine for a bit, but ever so slowly we are becoming friends. I was surprised by how resistant to change I ended-up being. For awhile, I took photos with my old and new camera because I was afraid the new camera's photos wouldn't come out.

  10. nikki,your artworks are very nice. maybei shouldtry these project .. thanks nikki:)


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