Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencils (Part 1 of 3)

I've wanted to try using freezer paper stencils for a while. And last weekend I was finally able to play around with it while making t-shirts for the Virtual Bowling Bash. Due to this being a last-minute idea, my design is really simple. I plan on trying this technique again very soon using more detailed patterns.
(*And I had to break this tute into 3 parts because I'm having trouble loading numerous photos with my blog app for the iPhone.)

I found my freezer paper at Walmart--located with all the foil, Saran wrap & baggies. The roll was about 6 bucks & it holds 150 ft of white paper which is shiny on 1 side. It is used mainly for wrapping meats or other foods & keeping them fresh in the freezer.

First, draw out a design & cut it out of the freezer paper. You can also find an image via the Internet, print it out, place it atop your freezer paper & carefully cut out using a sharp blade.

Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt (or fabric, or whatever you're decorating). Use a dry iron. MAKE SURE THE SHINY SIDE OF THE FREEZER PAPER IS FACE DOWN & TOUCHING YOUR FABRIC. (I really don't know what would happen if the iron came in contact with the shiny side of the paper but I am sure it'd be a mess.) After you iron, a temporary bond is created. ((So stinkin' cool!))

Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent paint from seeping through the backside of the shirt.

Now you can begin dabbing on your fabric paint of choice. I didn't have time to dab. I tried spray paint, but that didn't work. (Possibly because I was using white paint on top of a dark shirt?) So, I made a screen using a large oval emroidery hoop & some sheer curtain fabric. It's the exact same screens I use when I do that "faux" screenprint technique I've mentioned on here in the past. (found here: DIY Screen Printing.)

Click HERE for part 2 of 3.

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  1. Love the t-shirts. Super cute!

  2. Cute blog, nice ideas! Good job!

  3. I've been wanting to try this myself, but when I looked for the freezer paper at Walmart I couldn't find any! Is it not usually with the foil, wax paper and plastic wrap?

  4. That picture of your girls is adorable!
    Those shirts are so great, what a lucky family you have =)

  5. I've always found the freezer paper with the baggies and cling wrap at Wal-Mart but they only usually carry one brand of it. I've heard that you can make note cards out of crumpled tissue paper and freezer paper but I haven't figured that one out yet! My sister did the same thing on t-shirts but she just used masking tape for her 'stencil' and they looked great too!


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