Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencils (Part 2 of 3)

Then I spread the screenprint ink/paint over the top.
I have heard some people adding a fabric medium to acrylic paint to ensure proper adhesion. But every time I've gotten acrylic paint onto my clothes (mostly on accident) it NEVER comes out. So, I'm not at all sure of the necessity of the fabric medium if you choose to paint with acrylic. (Any pros with fabric painting experience or advice, please leave a comment!!)

Let that dry. All the way. Wash your screen too, so you can use it again.

I needed to create the 2 little red stripes that bowling pins have, so I cut out shapes to block off these areas on my design. I ironed the paper atop the existing design & paper.

Here is a picture showing the t-shirt covered & only two small stripes UNcovered & ready for painting.

Here is a photo AFTER I painted the 2 red stripes using spray-paint.

Of the 6 shirts I made, all of the red stripes "bled" into the white areas, except one. And the thing I did different on that one was to remove the paper right after spray painting. So I suggest doing that. And LIGHTLY apply the paint. I think I sprayed in excess on the others. Light coats. Repeat for darker color only when the first coat is dry.

Click HERE for part 3 of 3.

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