Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giveaway. Promise.

Remember this giveaway I announced back in November? Well, I moved to Nebraska since then & there was a snafoo in all that giveaway excitement, but now it's back! For reals.
CSN Stores sell everything from tv stands to yoga accessories to children's furniture to eco friendly pet products. Visit HERE to view the 200+ CSN Stores.

I'll be receiving this adorable & crafty-licious Arts & Crafts Box in Bubblegum Pink. Perfect for storing small crafty works-in-progress projects on trips! Once I review the item, I'll post it on the blog & give one away to a lucky reader! (Your choice in colors!) Yahoo for prizes!
So, sit tight & look forward to a fantastic giveaway coming soon!


  1. These are just too cute!!

    Looking forward to the give-a-way......:)

  2. SIGN ME UP FOR THE GIVE AWAY! Please!!!!! ( I am obsessed with pink, especially of the bubblegum variety, I have followed your blog for over 2 years and just got my first hello kitty sewing machine in sea foam green, and Im using a tupperware container to store my stuff, this would be more than an AWESOME BLESSING!!!!!!

    just saying... :)
    hugs and luv,
    Jessica in Vancouver, Canada

  3. WAw this is one awesome candygiveaway. So love to win it, I need it! Hope I can play, I am from Slovenia! Hugs,moni

  4. how stinking cute - so would love one of these... then to book a scrapbook trip too - yay!!

  5. I love things like this. Hope my name is the lucky one. Happy Easter.


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