Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leaping Lizards!

Guess who's back--- with all 10 fingers, on her recently repaired & {finally} delivered computer?!?!
 ME, silly!!!

Aaaaand....I've got something fun for ya: A new way to take JUMPY photos! (Which came about by accident.) I was setting up my camera to take a jumpy photo & RIGHT before the camera *clicked!*, it fell over. On its backside.

And then I had an idea. AHA!!!! With the camera pointed up to the sky you get a WHOLE. 'NOTHER. VIEWPOINT. (Up my nose.) 

 Isn't it fun?! Just another way to spice up your soaring snapshots.



  1. Wow! That photo is awesome! =)

  2. i've had the same thing happen but the glamorous shot of my chins was too too much for public content...;)

    yer shot is AWESOME and i have that green t and a striped red & white t...should do twin shots!

  3. That is an awesome shot! Congrats on the return of your beloved!! The people down the street took good care of it, then?

  4. So Houston handed over your computer... without a hassle??

    Love the new jumpy shot.. shoulda seen me trying to one... with my camera upright... still trying to get the timing right...

    Anywho, glad you're back with all 10 of your fin-das!

  5. P to the S- Blog Awardness for yoooooooou over at my place. ^_^

  6. LOVE IT!! SO FUN!!!!

    so glad you got your computer back- that is cause for jumping with joy!!


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