Friday, March 26, 2010

Mini Cereal Box Seed Starters

I'm ready for Spring things. And this project gets me in the mood.
Start seedlings indoors with this whimsical spin on a peat pot.

Brightly colored mini cereal boxes create cozy little homes for seeds as they work their way through the soil to become big grown up flowers.
Glue the top of the box closed with a glue gun. And then take a knife & cut open, along the "dotted" lines on the front of the box. Did you know there were "dotted" lines?? When my bro & I were kids, we used to open our cereal boxes that way sometimes, slice open the bag of cereal, pour the milk right in & eat it from the box.

Fill boxes with dirt & seeds. *Dymo labels as plant markers are optional.* A Sharpie works just as swell.
I have been keeping mine on the windowsill. Make sure when you water that you have a flat dish underneath. (The water seeps out of the corners of the box.) Over time your box will warp from the waterings.
When your seedlings are big enough, transplant them to big pots! Yay for flowers! And recylcing!



  1. what a cute idea for seedlings!! I may have to go buy the mini cereals now!

  2. these are super cute! Very...vintage meets kid-friendly.

    hope all is well for you!


  3. Love it! Don't know where to find the mini cereals anymore though! you have such a great imagination Nikki!!! You ROCK!

  4. This is so cute!!!

  5. Fresh out from cookie season, you could use empty Girl Scout cookie boxes. ��


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