Monday, March 8, 2010

Week in Review: March 1-7

Last week was full of...
...cupcake making. (I hadn't done this in a while. Shame on me!) playin'. (I'm so happy it's back!)
...warmer weather. (The girls & I took advantage of some good times outdoors.)
....jumpin'-jumpin'-jumpin'. art making. (I've sold 9 pieces of book art this month! Woohoo!)
...scrapbooking. (I decided to cut & save my weekly newspaper columns. Am I a dork?)
...receiving some fun news. (My mom, dad & grandmother are coming for a 5-day visit mid-April!)
...writing. (I now sleep with a notebook & pen under my pillow.)
...dreaming of new handmade projects. (I've decided THIS has to be the week that I crank out some goodies. Have you seen how tiny my Etsy stock is? Eeep!)
...yummy popcorn. (Oh how I'm grateful for new friends & their secret popcorn recipes.)
...good days.

Next Week I'll be speaking via Skpe to a MOPS group, planning a fun crafty night for ladies in my church, cleaning the art studio, folding book art & more of the same: playing, jumping, making, dreaming, writing...

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

Happy Monday!


  1. No, your not a dork- didn't you see Matley and ME. Those scrapbooks are GOOD to have!!

    I made THREE batches of cupcakes over the past week- all for Shaye's birthday- family, classroom, and par-tay.

    Our weather has been nice too- in the 40's!! (That's sweatshirt weather for us North Easterners. :) ) We 've been taking lots of walks and driving with our windows down. We even had the house windows open a few days- it was GLORIOUS!!

    Secret popcorn recipes?!- Do share. ;)

  2. Our weather has been great too and we have been doing more and more outside stuff too!

    I love making cupcakes....and eating them :)

  3. You've been tagged!


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