Monday, March 22, 2010

Week in Review: March 15-21

My week was filled with good times & happiness & the fun never stopped!
I don't even know where to begin....

  • The family had our first campfire since arriving in NE, complete with s'mores! Howsabout that?

  • I made green rice krispies. And then the next day I made pink rice krispies. (Please don't ask me how many I ate.)

  • Crafty fun with the girls! (Tute coming this week. I know, I think I said it would be ready last week. But it wasn't.)

  • Rollerskating! (I didn't skate. But I did take a scooter around the rink a few times. I have never been to a roller-rink where rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, wiggle board thingies AND scooters were ALL allowed. Craziness!)

  • Handmade good times. (Again, last week was when I was supposed to have all this new stuff in the shop, but I didn't. This week is the goal. I swear. Along with a WhiMSy love ETSY shop {late} birthday celebration sale!!)

  • I'm gonna get a BIG GIRL camera for my birthday! The plans for this long-awaited birthday present were finalized last week....when I finalized them. haha! (I have birthday camera-prezzie donors too! Now I am just having to decide which camera & how much I can spend. Decisions, decisions. I am overwhelmed. But, I am pretty sure I narrowed it down to a Canon.)

  • St. Patrick's day. (The girls & I greened it up as much as we could. Do you remember being a kid & "painting" on bread with colored milk & a toothpick--& then toasting it? Well, we did that.)

  • Crafty Night! (The first month of Crafty Night was a lot of fun. I still need to think of an awesome name. I am excited about the possibility of having it grow & grow & meeting more & more happy crafters!)

  • Like last week, my favoritest highlight of this week was another photo adventure! This time, the girls stayed home. My pally-wally Susan & I hit the road. We drove 15 miles away to Broadwater, &--um--I'll be blogging about that later. (It deserves it's own special post.) But anyway, I've decided to make a weekly weekend thing of my photo adventures. It is so fun getting to know these little towns & my surroundings. It also gives me inspiration for the MoCo Photo newspaper feature AND my column. I think I need to do a collage on my blog each week of these adventures...
Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.
Happy Monday!!
♥ Nikki


  1. fun week! congrats on big girl camerdom...i just got mine and it was a birthday gift as well! scored a great deal on the rebel through costco of all places...i think it ended but you never know!

    happy birthday fun!

  2. A scooter in a roller rink? How fun is that!

  3. super cute blog and story. Thanks for the great inspiration - love that!

  4. hey!
    check this spin on the terrarium idea you dig so much. wicked cool in an itty bitty way!


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