Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week in Review: March 22-28

Most of the photos in this week's collage are part of the recent MoCo Tour I took on Sunday. I honestly didn't snap too many other pics this week. I was busy with tutorials, Etsy orders, writing, more campfire s'mores (& hot dogs too!) & trying to get my shop stocked up---which is turning out to be a lot more work than I realized.

My week ended with a sit on the porch, cuddled in cozy blankets with my 5 year old, eating blueberry pie & watching the sun set.

This week I'll be...
  • finishing up a basket I've been working on for an Easter swap I recently joined. I haven't done a swap in a while, so this should be fun!
  • ...dreaming about the "big girl" camera that I'll be getting soon for my birthday!! Yes, March will be over in a few days, which means April will be here soon. And so my birth-month celebration can begin. Friends & family are pooling together to make my dream camera prezzie a freakin' reality! I can't believe it. They are awesome!
  • ...working hard at getting ready for a hooplah 3-year birthday Etsy sale celebration. Getting my shop stocked up since moving to Nebraska has been harder than I thought. I'm a busy gal but I'm trying my bestest! My promise of sales & new stuff appearing in the store last week just didn't get fulfilled. I hate not being a crafty girl of her word. Although, maybe these NEW pins can fill in as a teaser? 
  • ...playing "nurse" to help get my family over whatever yucks are lingering. We all have coughs or sinus crud or sniffles or sneezes.
  • ...writing, photographing & all the usual newspaper-y stuff I get to do every week. (I've been gettin' more & more happy comments--& even emails--about my column. It makes me feel so giddy & loved!)
  • ...sneaking in a movie or two. I just received my free Netflix disc for my Wii, which streams instant movies. Oh wowzers! Crafting at night when all the fam is sleeping &/or snoring JUST got better. Bring on the popcorn & the craft supplies!!
*For a picture play-by-play click HERE.
Happy Monday!

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