Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 Projects. From 1 Magazine.

In honor of Earth Day & the subject of recycling, here are 3 easy & fun projects I think you'll enjoy!

1. Magazine Brooch.
Simply cut about 15-20 organic circular shapes ("organic" means it doesn't have to be perfect) from a magazine & crumple them up. (This is to give it extra thickness.) You can get fancy with the top cirlce shape by creating a fan-shape with a strip of paper & connecting the ends. Stack your circle pieces & staple together, along with ribbons hanging at desired lengths on the back. Glue buttons in the center. Glue a pin on the back. Wear with recycled pride!!

2. Gift Bows.
I got the tutorial from How About Orange. LOVE it! I will never buy a gift bow again.

3. Candle Props.
Tear out pages from a magazine. Roll into long tubes, using a glue stick to finish. Once you've made lots & lots, cut tubes to desired length. I used about 2" lengths to create these tea-light props. But you can use any length you want. Use tacky glue to hold them all together. A glue gun works too.
I also created a GIANT one (inspired by an Anthropolgie store display I saw about 10 years ago) that serves as some funky decor. (I even used it once to hold a small TV!)
Use your imagination & come up with some fun ways to use them!

Here's a peek at the last Crafty Night in April, where I taught all 3 of these projects.


  1. Lovely projects! I love to recycle old sweaters and embroidered paintings.

  2. I think I would like to make the rolled up tubes project. But I need to come to your house to make it. I would NEVER do it on my own. Only with buddies. :)

  3. So I'm thinking that the rolled up magazine thing would be super cute on my craft show tables...hmmm. I could put my sign with my logo on it! I better get to work!

  4. Ooh, I agree with the previous commenters: the roll-up project is truly cool! The big one is amazing but the teeny ones: incredibly cute. I'm trying it!


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