Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Round-up

Oh my goodness. I had some great celebratory fun on my birthday! And I've decided to not stop the fun. I'll be celebrating for the rest of the week. K? Do you wanna know how super fun my birthday was? Well, for starters, I had a lovely lazy morning. I like those. It included a bath, some tea, & taking my sweet time gettin' all cute-like for the day.
THEN, I got some surprise yellow balloons delivered to my door. They were from my BFF way back in Washington-ville. (Thanks Tia!)
Mr. WhiMSy love & I headed to Scottsbluff for lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant, The Wonderful House. And Tia, from 1200 miles away, picked up the tab for us. (She called ahead & had a gift certificate waiting!)

I had oodles of cards at home... & facebook messages... & blog comments... & twitter wishes.. & happy phone calls. (Thanks everyone!!)
As the girls' present to me, I asked them to paint. So, when they got off school, I set up the watercolors & grabbed some fresh paint pads.

And, yes, I painted a hedgehog roasting a marshmallow over a blazing fire on a starry night.

My friend Sarah & her man made some perfect pink cupcakes for me.

And then a crew of friends surprised me with a wee party, complete with cake & prezzies!!!
(That's my girls Susan & Sarah in the pic with me. LoVe them!)

(And lookie what I ordered this week! It's a BIG GIRL CAMERA!!!! Friends & family all donated to the birthday cause. I'm the luckiest girl in the world!)

OH! You have to see the stop motion birthday present that Susan made for me. Click HERE to check it out. {She'll probably be embarrassed that I mentioned it.} I introduced her to stop motion photography & we have plans to make some silly videos together. I can't wait!

I'm all puffed up with birthday love.


  1. I don't think I've ever met anyone who has so much fun on her birthday! And your photos are amazing - so alive with color!! You are inspiring me to stop whining about my Big Girl Camera being broken and just have a blast with the little point-and-shoot I'm left with.

    Happy Happy!

  2. WHAT FUN! I love all the photos of the funess. I love those yellow balloons and your pink shoes. I love that green chair! Charming! xoxo

  3. on my computer, your shoes look purple and I LOVE them!!!!!! Happy birthday!

  4. Wow, what a birthday! I'm glad you had a good one. I love your pics. The paintings are adorable, and I love the pink cupcakes. Awww you have such a sweet friend (Tia). So cool you are getting the cannon 50D, that is what I was thinking of ordering...but I am not sure what lenses I should have without spending a fortune. I am looking forward to seeing future pics with your new "big girl" camera. :)

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely day! :-) The cupcakes look yummy and the stop animation was so cute. And woo hoo for big girl cameras!!! :-)


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