Thursday, April 29, 2010


I had my first geocaching expedition last weekend with my girlfiriends Sarah & Susan.
What fun! Check out what geocaching is by clicking HERE.
We were each armed with our own GPS units & as we entered coordinates for where caches were hidden around town (found at the GeoCaching site), we were eventually led to the exact location. It's so fun driving around, zig-zagging (& often back-tracking) to try & pinpoint where the treasure is!
We even found a fun cache that required us to write a story about our adventure. (Which actually inspired my column in this week's newspaper.)
I found my first cache at our first stop. It was a tiny bugger & I needed help getting it out. 

Apparantly some caches include simply a log & pencil for treasure seekers to sign their name & the date. That's what this one was.

Others are filled with trinkets & doo-dads like rubber noses, rubber bands & coupons for free ice cream. (Well, other stuff too. Any little thing will do!) You take a prize out & put one back in. I brought along some tiny handmade things to deposit.

Here, we say goodbye to a Betty Boop Travel Bug keychain.
Lots of fun was had & I'm excited to bring the girls on the next geocaching ride.
Oh, if you want to add me as a friend on your Geocaching profile, my name is: adventureGEEK

(Attempting a jumpy pic with my new camera. We couldn't quite get the timing right. I'm still learning the beeps.)
A lot of my photos are "close-ups" because I'm trying to honor the GeoCacher's Creed. I don't want to give any hidden caches away. (Because, there are actually muggles that might take them!)
Click HERE for a list of GeoCaching lingo.


  1. We love geocaching in the UK!
    Have not been for a while but you have inspired me to pick it up again.

  2. I blogged about this and Letterboxing (you should check that out, GPS required) but have yet to try either. Planning to give it a go in a couple of weeks at the beach, thanks for reminding me. ;-)

  3. I LOVE geocaching! We did it in Missouri with my sister-in-law last time we went to visit. Fun stuff :)

  4. We *love* Geocaching! I can't wait until DD is old enough to go with us again!

  5. I love geocaching also...haven't done it for a little bit as the weather has been wet. But in the next couple of months I hope to get back into. So much fun discovering the treasures. I have a habit though of reading the clues and not listening to my GPS....I think I am right but the GPS always is. lol

  6. We are a geocaching family. My 5 yr old daughter BEGS us to take her geocaching. The thing I love most, is that we haven't lived here very long and geocaching shows us places we wouldn't have found for years! Pretty fun stuff! I'm simpler1773 on the geocaching site :)

  7. My sister pointed me here. This is something were going to do this summer. Can you tell me what is a cheap but meaningful GPS that works well for this ? thanks !

  8. I had heard of Geocaching before but was never inspired to try it until I read your blog. WE ARE ADDICTED! Thank you for motivating me! My little boy and I have found 20 in the last week and I can't help but look when I am driving at places and think...that would be a great place for a cache!


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