Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee!!!

Yahoo! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Today is MY day! Hello world! It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!
I'm 35. I've no problem with my age. And in honor of me, I give you: 35 Things I Love, 35 Things I Dislike & 35 Random Facts About Me. So, grab a cup of something warm & yummy & cozy up for a read. Or just print this out & skim through it while you're doing your business on the potty.

35 Things I LOVE:

  1. laughter

  2. chocolate milk

  3. cartoon band-aids

  4. the ampersand ( & + me = ♥ )

  5. staying up late

  6. watching movies

  7. freckles

  8. the feeling of being in love

  9. thrift stores

  10. singing

  11. spontaneity

  12. mannequin heads

  13. vintage stuff

  14. tea

  15. photography

  16. gettin' crafty

  17. chinese food

  18. Jesus

  19. bowling

  20. carbs

  21. graffiti

  22. campfires & s'mores

  23. getting happy mail

  24. kite-flying

  25. adventure

  26. blogging

  27. boardgames & card games

  28. music

  29. crazy colored socks

  30. fresh notebooks

  31. sweets

  32. sunshine

  33. teeter totters ( ♥ )

  34. kissing my man

  35. birthdays

35 Things I Dislike:

  1. the limbo

  2. heights

  3. spiders & bugs

  4. waking up early

  5. rollercoasters

  6. being the center of attention

  7. dill pickles

  8. spearmint gum

  9. when balloons pop

  10. kiwis (the fruit)

  11. when people talk & talk & talk...

  12. flying

  13. being overweight

  14. country music

  15. going to the dentist

  16. shredded carrot & raisin salad

  17. being cold

  18. cleaning toilets

  19. ironing

  20. vacuuming

  21. dusting

  22. dull scissors

  23. dog slobber

  24. split pea soup

  25. a lukewarm bath

  26. too much quiet

  27. inconsiderate people

  28. itchy tags in my shirt

  29. internet pop-up ads

  30. wobbly grocery carts

  31. cigarette smoke

  32. being lonely

  33. shopping for jeans

  34. paying full price

  35. old Westerns

35 Random Things About Me:

  1. I can't hula hoop

  2. I'm adopted

  3. Believe it or not, I'm shy

  4. The older I get, the more freedom I feel in being myself

  5. I'd rather eat the cake than the frosting

  6. I miss my mommy

  7. I have no sense of direction

  8. I'm a great listener & will carry your secret to my grave

  9. My favorite place I've ever lived or visited is the Puget Sound, Washington

  10. I used to be a clean freak & very organized

  11. I would love to own a pet hedgehog

  12. My favorite food is egg rolls

  13. When I was a kid, I once punched the local bully in the face. At Vacation Bible School.

  14. I use the words "poop" & "fart" a lot. I think they're funny.

  15. Someday soon I will own a pair of cowgirl boots.

  16. I plan on wearing pigtails & braids even when I am an old grey-haired lady.

  17. There are so many things I wish I could do. Among them: sign-language, dance, knit/crochet, speak Spanish.

  18. One of my favorite teachers was in 5th grade, Mrs. Harbourne. I loved the way her pretty painted fingernails tapped on the chalkboard.

  19. I am addicted to my iPhone.

  20. I started finding grey hairs in my head when I was 17.

  21. My celebrity crushes: Kevin Bacon, Edward Norton, Gerard Butler. Just to name a few. haha!

  22. When I was pregnant with both girls I got morning sickness, but I never threw up.

  23. I feel like life just keeps getting better & better.

  24. I have never gotten a traffic ticket.

  25. I remember choreographing dance moves with my friends to songs by Vanilla Ice, Madonna & Janet Jackson.

  26. I get sleepy when I drive.

  27. I know I don't always act my age. I hope that always stays true.

  28. I realize lately that I talk to myself a lot.

  29. I have been married before. Not happy times. (OK, that was depressing.)

  30. I'm not a big fan of soda pop, but root beer is my favorite. Does that even make sense? But ice tea trumps root beer.

  31. I once bought a used curling iron at a thrift store. Is that gross? I was super poor. And wanted curly hair.

  32. I'm a newspaper columnist. (I know some of you know that already. But I like saying it.)

  33. I once tried ordering a 9" sub sandwich at Subway. (They only make 6" or 12".)

  34. I like wearing happy bright colors. And if not all the articles or accessories match, I'm cool with that. (The hubby has other opinions on this matter.)

  35. Picnics are the best.


  1. Happy Birthday! Mine's tomorrow...a fellow Aries!

  2. Happy birthday! We have a lot in common, except I LOVE roller coasters. I hate popping balloons too, and I found my first gray at 17! :)

    Hope your day is filled with many happy memories & joy. (Used the ampersand just for you . . . )

  3. Oh Happy Day!!!

    Cool list!- I likey!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    I like your lists - we have A LOT in common, I like that too!

    Enjoy your day thinking and doing those on the like list and try not to even think of those on the don't like. . .HAVE FUN!

  5. Loved reading your list. We have a lot in common. Especially the fart and poop thing. We always laugh when one of us says it. Why is that? LOL!
    Have a very Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Nikki!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day! Aw heck, have a whole birthday week!!

  8. Hope you have a wonderful day!
    The subway thing cracked me up!!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for sharing your lists, they were so fun to read. I did however feel that you left something out of your list of things you love. Jumping!

  10. Lang zal je leven in de gloria! Happy birthday (in dutch)
    Have a nice day!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Loved reading your lists!
    Have a great day and hope you get spoilt rotten! ;-)

  12. Happy birthday, Nikki! You're my favorite purveyor of whimsy. :)

  13. I, too, would love to have a pet hedgehog; I strongly dislike bullies; & Gerard Butler is my fave!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!

  14. Happy Birthday!! Praying your day is blessed!!

  15. the happiest of birthdays to you! i hope yours is terrific times a trillion! loved your list. if there weren't some 1000 miles between us i think we could be bff.

  16. Happy Birthday! Love your blog. Hey, did you decide on what camera you wanted? Asking, because I am also trying to decide what I want.

  17. happy Birthday Nikki, hope you get a nice big fat cupcake all to yourself :o)
    I laughed reading through your list we have a LOT in common (inc. punching the local bully in the face, except I was in school when I did it!)


  19. Happy Birthday Nikki.
    Love, Brandon, Lenka, Anna and David

  20. happy whimsy/nikki day!
    hope today's been a fantabulous day =)

    (hey, p.s. how do you know ronica bishop? saw that we both know her from facebook. just curious.)

  21. p.p.s.
    i TOO also bought curling irons from thrift stores in the past. not gross at all. a little WD40, a cloth, some elbow grease & voila! as good as new. =)

  22. *singing to the tune of "The Merry Widow Waltz"*

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
    We love you!
    Happy Birthday
    And may all your dreams come true.
    When you blow out the candles
    One light stays aglow,
    It's the love light in your eyes
    Where'er you go!

    Okay, let's sing it one more time
    for everybody who has a birthday this year!

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
    We love you!
    Happy Birthday
    And may all your dreams come true.
    When you blow out the candles
    One light stays aglow,
    It's the love light in your eyes
    Where'er you go!

    Best wishes on your special day, Nikki!

  23. LOVE this post! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  24. You are such a sweet, fun, happy person!! Happy Birthday to you, sweets!!! :)

  25. Happy Birthday Nikki. Love your lists, could relate to lots of the same things.
    have a really fun day

  26. happy b-day!
    loved the post!



  27. happy happy birthday to my favorite blogger! hope your day was super duper fantabulous :)

  28. Happy birthday! Have a great day :-)

  29. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day!!!

  30. i wish you happy birthday, nikki, and another wonderful year! :)

  31. Happy Birthday!!!

  32. hippo birdies to ewes!
    hippo birdies to ewes!
    hippo birdies,hippo birdies...
    hippo birdies to ewes!

    i adore your list and love that we seem to have so much in common (because i think yer the bees knees).

    Happy Birthday my blog friend! *smooch*


  33. I hope you have a grand birthday!
    I loved reading about you!
    I grew up in Silverdale, Washington, I miss that area too!

  34. Loved this post!! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it :D April Babies are the best (I'm April 16th :D)

  35. Happy Belated Birthday Nikki!!! You don't look a day over 21. :-) I hope you had a lovely one and I hope you are still enjoying your birth month. :-)

  36. I'm on a mission to catch up in the old Google Reader. Happy Belated Birthday! You're birthday is a day before my mom's. ^_^ April babies are pretty awesome.

  37. is it me, or are all my blogging friends turning 35 this month?!?! happy happy birthday nik! i have no sense of direction either!

  38. I'm so late! I do love you and hope you had an awesome birthday. My "little" brother and sister (twins) just turned 35 on March 31. That didn't click for me before-you are like my little sis!


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