Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

The girls & I have decided to start recycling. And what better inspiration than Earth Day? This is a new venture for us. We've already made the first step: buying some bins to keep in the garage to separate our materials. Pop cans. Newspaper. Plastic. (Less than $5 each at Walmart!)  In less than 2 weeks the "plastic" bin is half full. And we've got plans to make our first trip to the local library this week & borrow books on the subject.

{Later this evening I'll reveal the recycled projects I taught at this month's Crafty Night--made from magazines.}


  1. Good for you! We have single stream recycling included in our trash pick up now - meaning we can mix everything together in one bin. It's awesome and makes it SOO easy!

  2. cool bins. Which one is for which recyclable?

  3. did my comment work? my computer froze! love the earthy jumpy pics nik. so glad u had fun with your fam too. my post today features more jumpy pics!

  4. Love that photo of the three of you! Super sweet.

  5. Hi EM,
    Blue is for cans, orange is newspapers & yellow plastics. (I need to get the girls out in the garage to mark the bins properly with a marker!) Once they get full, we plop 'em in our minivan & ride across the street to dump them in the recycle dumpsters.


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