Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Littlest" stories

The Turntablist
When he was just a pup, his great Aunt Maxine gave him a phonograph & a stack of her old records.
DJ Dawg was born.
"Wiki, wiki, wiki...."

Slam Dunk
Instead of loud rallying & fanatical deafening cheers, Lizzie only heard silence from the crowd. For they had never seen a lizard play basketball. Lizzie knew this was a chance to prove herself. To show them that reptiles got game too.
With nothing to lose, little Lizzie dribbled down the court, a fierce intensity in her eyes, determination occupying her complete attention...

Not in Kansas Anymore
The move to the big city was quite a change for wee arachnid, Kate.
Metal spiderwebs EVERYWHERE!


  1. haha cute!

    My friend in Finland used to do this with her LPS.

  2. Cute! I bet you could tell some real sweet stories with them. Maybe some church stories even for the kids, they might be able to relate to them some through toys they play with. Just a thought. Cute pictures. :-)

  3. did you get your new camera? i love these pics and stories...

  4. I love your little stories!!! So cute and imaginative... your new camera takes great pics!!!

  5. I have not gotten my new camera yet. Believe me, you will KNOW when I get my new camera. haha!

    And these photos are really an excuse for me to play with toys.

  6. Ok Ok...! I thought I was being "insightful" but it turns out I was just "jumping the gun." lol I wonder where that phrase orignated from anyway...?

  7. Cute and clever...I love littlest pet shop. I got no girls so we got no cute stuff like that in the house. AND NOTHING PINK!


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