Monday, April 12, 2010

MoCo Tour: Courthouse & Jail Rocks

On Easter weekend Zoey & I headed out to try & catch a sunset at Courthouse & Jail Rock. Though we didn't exactly get to photograph an excellent sunset, we did do a lot of hopping, giggling, & snacking while parked on the side of the road, enjoying one another's company. Zoey got to play with my point-n-shoot camera, while I used a BIG borrowed one. (I'm getting some practice in until MY camera arrives.) She self-portraited with the best of 'em, & I even showed her how to use the self timer: That girl will never be the same again.

To view the Courthouse & Jail Rocks set of photos, click HERE.
To view all the up-to-date photos in our MoCo Tour collection of snapshots, click HERE.


  1. Great pictures! I really like how you collage them together like that. I'll have to figure that out!

  2. Those pictures look so sweet! Relaxing days like those are the best :)

  3. My husband grew up in the Bridgeport area and we lived there in the 60's and 80's. It is fun to see it through a stranger's eyes. I'm listing you on my blog (don't think I'll use a button though) so our kids (who all graduated from BHS) can share your fresh look.

  4. I like all the pictures, all natural :)

    One kiss from Spain!


    PD: Do you know the meaning of Moco in spanish, don't you? jajaja

  5. Monstercake---haha!
    That is quite hilarious!!!!

    Well, for my purposes it is an abbreviation of sorts for Morrill County, where I go on my adventures & take photos. But I shall never forget the snot aspect.
    ♥ Nikki


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