Monday, April 5, 2010

Week in Review: March 29-April 4

It's funny because some weeks I feel like I didn't do much, & then I look back through my photos & realize I was completely wrong.
My favorite thing this week was something that sorta happened by accident. Every year the girls & I dye eggs & have a little hunt in our backyard. Well, my plans for Saturday Easter egg fun got nixed due to busyness. And at 8:00pm Sunday night (4 hours until Easter would officially be OVER), Zoey reminded me that we hadn't done any egg stuff. SO, we quickly dyed some eggs & then had a really fun egg hunt out back---in the dark with flashlights!! It just might have to become a tradition. 
Zoey & I went on a mini road trip to watch the sun set near Jail & Courthouse Rocks. It was a really special time. Just me & my girl. We snuck away while daddy & little sister napped on the couch.
I am anticipating the arrival of a visit from my parents & grandmother from Washington in less than 2 weeks!
Still camera hunting. Will be deciding in a couple days on my camera of choice. I feel so guilty getting something so grand & expensive, even though it's a gift. My birthday is approaching rapidly! I think it might be a slighltly sad one. Birthdays for me mean: dinner with family, special adventures with my mom, afternoon outings with girlfriends & silly fun all day long. Oh, & me, me, MEEEEE!!!
I've been getting really lovely emails lately from local folk about my newspaper column & it's makin' me feel rather special. I'm lovin' my newspaper job & it makes me feel important. I think working outside of being a stay-at-home mommy is good for me. Even if it's only 2 days a week. I even had my first "official" photography job (other than my MoCo photos) snapping pictures at the Bridgeport Easter Egg Hunt. What chaos! A learning experience for sure. I don't think I did so swell.
Oh, & little Pazely found one egg on the mad hunt. But her sweet sis shared one of her 4. A heart-melting moment for sure.
Ok, I've rattled on enough for one Monday. Have a happy one!
*Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. you made bouncy balls? you might be the coolest mother ever! love your photos and adore the name zoey! happy easter! belated of course, but i'm sure Jesus doesn't mind! i milk my birthday for all it's worth. go ahead and declare it your birthday month!

  2. Wow, busy lady! :) Sounds wonderful, and I love the egg hunt with flash lights. We usually get rain and so outside it right out! BUT, inside at night with the flash light, might work! Good idea. :) Thanks for sharing, I love reading your blog! xoxo

  3. Some day, when my kids are grumpy teenagers who want to do nothing but send text messages (or whatever it is they'll be doing by then -- maybe sending holographic images of themselves), then I'll miss all of this. I'll miss the overabundance of candy and the egg dying, and even hiding... gosh they grow up way toooooo fast!

  4. Love your new lampshade, and the girls looked so pretty in their Easter dresses. And I loved the picture of you and Zoey, made me smile. I hope I am half as cool a mom as you are some day. :-)


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