Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Last Day of School!

Today was it. The last day. I'm sure my kids are excited about getting to play all day & having no more schoolwork. Me? I am excited to get to sleep in. I have hated each & every rushed morning. Slight tempers flaring. Hurried steps. Unhappy moods. Cranky mom monster. Yuck.

I made this cake to celebrate the end of another school year & the promise of a fabulous summer break! Pazely helped me decorate it. She did awesome. It is lovely & clustered with every assortment of sprinkle I had. All of them. Every last speck of colored sugar. Every ounce of non-pareils. Oh bummer. Now I have to shop for cake decorating supplies.

I am totally excited to do lots & lots of fun things with the girls. And you get to peek at our fun right here!
I am working on our super-duper summer list of fun things to do. I am getting excited just making the list! Wheee!
Tomorrow we shall stop by the "fancy" coffee shop in town & each choose our own Italian sodas & sip them while driving up to Scottsbluff for some groceries & other necessities. (I know, not exciting.) But maybe we'll sneak a new boardgame or some clearance crafty supplies into our shopping cart. Yeah, that's more like it...


  1. Sure sounds like something to celebrate! I hope to be a mom like you one day, you are so cool!

    I made my boyfriend a bedside felt organizer- it is manly and cool and fits all his important things- his ipod, cellphone, a place for his glasses etc. Its grey felt- thank you so much for the inspiration! I love all the ideas you list in your side bar- you are very creative.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Last year was the first summer that I followed you-looking forward to all the fun projects you will post!

  3. Yay for the last day!!! I, too, am a yucky grouchy mom monster until about 9am.

  4. oooh! you should check out they have the cutest, funest (i know it's not REALLY a word hehe) decorating stuff!

  5. Wow last day of school already? Super early, my daughter's last day is around Juneish. The cake looks fab and yummy! I can't wait to see all the summer crafty fun!

  6. My mouth started watering as soon as I saw that cake. lol

  7. Wow! I wish my daughter had summer break already. The days are so hot here it feels like summer. I am tired of the early mornings and cranky momminess, rush rush rushing around...too...blah! "Today, is a 'rush' day...Lets go!" I envy you...(even though Day 1 was a bit 'rough' around the edges...)

    But alas, it is atleast a long weekend here....and the weather is warm and the pool is up! Yay! Enjoy the summer...


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