Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm loving my new hipstamatic app for the iPhone. I've been snapping random photos like crazy. In random places. At random times. Take a looksie...
(Top photo: 7 year old waitress serves me at her Playtime Diner.)
"My Bedroom"

"My Big Girl Camera"

"Tree & Sky"

"Seedlings on the Sill"

"Zoey & a Calf"

"Cooling Lemon Bars"

"Sarah & her Truffle"

"My First Visit"

"Fresh Cut Bangs"

"Getting Crafty"

"Morning Cup of Yummy"

(-- Post From My iPhone)


  1. Looks like you've been having fun! Was that really your first visit to the local library? What took so long!?!

  2. kee-ute!
    now for the first time in my life i'm kinda considering an iphone, but only because of this cool app you've found. ;) happy mother's day this weekend, nikki!

  3. Someone else mentioned that app the other day, so I went in search of the equivalent for my Droid. It's called FX camera, and I'm pretty happy with it. So far, it doesn't seem to make colors look as vibrant, but maybe I haven't figured out the settings. What do you set yours on for the sky/outdoor shots, if you don't mind my asking? I can't get my sky that color. :(

  4. Michael just put this on my phone but I haven't played with it yet! Thanks for piquing my interest;)!

  5. I just discovered this app today and am fiddling around with it also. I love how the photos come out. Too neat


  6. Hey, how are things going with the big girl camera? Are you used to it? I'm still not used to mine and I've had it since November! I really should take a class!


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