Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Break: Day 2

In the heat-heat-heat of the day, the girls & I found some shade & got to gettin' our hands dirty. We filled containers with soil & did some planting. We transplanted pumpkins, watermelons, sunflowers & wildflowers--all of which we started from seeds & had outrgrown their tiny pots on the windowsill indoors. I also planted a husky cherry red tomato, lavender seeds, & whatever the plant is in the picture below. Fox something I think? 
We'll eventually have to plant the pumpkins & watermelons in the ground but I'm not eager to do that just yet because we have bunnies all over our yard & I'm not sure how to shoo them away from our veggies. (Which is one reason why we're doing so many plants & flowers in containers this year.) I have read that they don't like lavender, which is why I'm growing some.
(And facebook fans will have already seen THIS PHOTO of Pazely with our adorable yard pests.)

I admit to being a lousy gardener & I don't have much hope that I'll keep these things alive. But I'll try my darndest because I love the thought of going outside to pick some tomatoes for a salad & enjoying the scent of lavender while basking in the sun on the porch. Not to mention the happy faces my girls will have in growing their own food & pretty flowers!

It felt so good to get outside on a beautiful day & pretend like we had green thumbs. The girls & I have more plants to purchase, more pots to fill. This was just the beginning of our vegetative adventures.


  1. Good luck on your garden!! We too have a garden planted! I think Jer & i are more excited about it than the kids though.. lol

  2. I've read that if you surround your garden with marigolds the rabbits will stay away from your veggies...


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