Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Break: Day 5

The girls & I headed to the kickoff for the Summer Reading Program at the library today. The theme is "Make a Splash, Read". It's all beachy & summer-ish. The younger kids (lots of 'em!) decorated beach bags with markers. It was happy chaos all around. I saw one kid climbing through the bookshelves & another sitting so sadly in a chair, his legs covered in purple marker.

After our crazy fun at the library, the girls & I walked to our favorite (& only?) little coffee shop in town for some Italian sodas & a cookie.
I'm thinking we should keep a tally of how many Italian sodas we drink this summer.
(Italian sodas consumed thus far: 6)

On our fantastic sunny walk home, we saw this:

Clay was also on the agenda again today. This time, we used all the playdough/clay tools we could find & we cut out a bunch of different designs. The directions from the recipe in the book said to bake for 30 minutes in a 300 degree oven on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. After the 30 minutes was up, we turned off the oven, but left the pieces in the oven for an hour. (I didn't realize that wax paper could go in the oven. It didn't smell nice & was kinda smokey. Next time I'd probably opt for parchment paper.)
Tomorrow we'll paint!

Our evening ended with a surprise pet: the girls have a froggie thanks to a neighbor's find. They named it "Lou", after our family cat that recently passed away. We're hoping to keep him AND find another froggie pal for the frog races next weekend at Camp Clarke Days!


  1. hey nikki!
    you know, i work at our public library and our make a splash kickoff begins next week! june 1st is our signup and we'll finish off the summer with a bang-up beach party!!
    looks like you all had a fabulous time~ i would have loved to join you at that adorable coffee shop!
    happy summer and go make waves at your library! ;)

  2. What a fun day! And I love that tin can robot thing...a bird feeder? Too cute, I have to find out how I can make one! You have a brave little girl, my daughter jumps 10 feet in the air whenever she sees a frog hiding out in the bushes. :)


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